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Louisiana 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersAlcohol Statistics and Information

In the state of Louisiana alone, it is estimated that 1.7 million people engaged in some type of alcohol use during the past 30 days. 840,000 of those people were binge drinkers, meaning they drank five or more drinks in one sitting. Of that number, 97,000 of them were between the ages of 12 and 20 years old. This is well under the legal drinking age in the state, pointing to a very serious problem that needs to be addressed.

12 Step Recovery Programs

12 step recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are designed to provide a set of guiding principles that outline the steps a person must take to rid themselves of their addiction. Though their success is difficult to document due to the anonymous nature of most programs, it is estimated that over 50 percent of people who participate have reported staying sober for at least one year prior to the program’s eventual completion.

Alcohol Treatment and Recovery Centers

Residents of the state of Louisiana have access to a wide range of different 12 step alcohol treatment recovery centers that they can take full advantage of in their time of need. One of these facilities is called the Acadiana Addiction Center, which specializes in traditional alcohol treatment recovery services. The 12 step functionality of this particular facility is broken down into three distinct categories, the first of which is outpatient alcohol treatment. Services that fall under this category include 12 step meetings, alcohol sponsors, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization or day alcohol programs, alcohol breathalyzer programs and more.

11 step inpatient alcohol treatment is also available, which is comprised of both residential and live in alcohol rehab centers. Finally, the center has made available 12 step long term alcohol rehabilitation care in the form of extended stay treatment facilities for three to six months in length depending on the situation.

Acadiana Recovery Center also operates a second facility in the area, which is located in the community of Lafayette. It specializes in alcohol treatment recovery services in the form of 12 step inpatient alcohol treatment. Residential and live in alcohol rehab is available for those in need.

This facility also offers a number of options regarding how people pay for the alcohol treatment that they receive. Private pay is always accepted, for example, as are cash payments, payment plans and a sliding scale that will automatically adjust based on a person’s income. Affordable alcohol treatment options also include Medicaid, Medicare and sliding scale cost effective treatment. A number of government funded options are also available including financing, loans, Affordable Health Care plans and more.

Another major center for alcohol treatment and recovery in the area is the Acadia Vermilion Hospital. It offers a mixture of both substance abuse and mental health services. 12 step outpatient alcohol treatment that is available at the center includes intensive outpatient programs, 12 step meetings, alcohol sponsors, alcohol breathalyzer programs, at home, partial or day hospitalization programs and more.

This facility also offers a wide range of different payment options, making sure that a person can always get the care that they so desperately need regardless of their finances. Private health insurance plans from many of today’s top providers are always accepted, including those purchased through companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Health Alliance, NGS, Coresource, MVP Healthcare, APS Healthcare and more. Military insurance is also accepted.

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If you or a loved one wants to begin your road to alcohol recovery but isn't quite sure where to begin, please do not hesitate to visit AlcoholTreatment.netIf you or a loved one wants to begin your road to alcohol recovery but isn’t quite sure where to begin, please do not hesitate to contact AlcoholTreatment.net. It was designed to be a comprehensive resource that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It contains information about not only alcohol treatment and recovery options in the state of Louisiana, but also in all other states. Help is always there when you need it.

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