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Kansas 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersAlcohol abuse is a problem that impacts many families each year. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 52.5 percent of Kansas residents drink alcoholic beverages and more than 25 percent binge drink. The risks associated with binge drinking can mean that there are concerns about addiction and alcohol dependence when a loved one is drinking heavily. Fortunately, there are treatment programs that follow a 12-step approach that are available in Kansas to help with the recovery process.

What are 12-Step Programs?

The best treatment plan for any individual depends on his or her situation and goals. It also depends on personal belief systems and ideas about the presence of a higher power. A 12-step program follows a spiritual belief system that there is a higher power and recommends that individuals surrender to the higher power for help when there are cravings or temptations to abuse alcohol. Psych Central explains that a 12-step program strives to confront alcohol abuse and raise self-awareness about personal behaviors so that it is possible to make positive changes.

Although the steps in the program surrender to a higher power, it is not necessary to handle challenges without assistance and help. The treatment program recognizes that support is an important part of recovery and provides group meetings and a mentor to ensure that there is a supportive environment throughout the program.

Effective Treatment Plans

A 12-step program is effective when it is used appropriately. Since it is a spiritual approach to recovery, the program is most effective when an individual has a strong belief in a higher power or believes that there is a higher power.

The Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment states that 12-step programs are effective if an individual is participating in the meetings and activities. Individuals who are participating have a lower rate of relapse and alcohol abuse after two years when compared to individuals who are not participating or who only participate in part of the program.

The reason that the program is effective is the active support and encouragement that is available. The meetings offer a group setting that is focused on encouraging others to maintain their goals and strive for improvements. It also ensures that there are others available when an individual needs a little extra help or some advice about handling a situation without using alcohol. A healthy support group makes it easier to focus on the goal and ensures that the program is effective for individuals who are willing to participate and keep trying to improve.

Programs in Kansas

Treatment programs that follow a 12-step approach are available in Kansas. Depending on personal goals and needs, the best program in the state will vary.

The Salvation Army Harbor Light Recovery Program is a treatment program in Kansas City that offers solutions to help with recovery and personal goals. The treatment plan provides residential care for three to six months, depending on the specific needs of the individual. It also offers a 12-step out-patient program and 12-step meetings that can help individuals maintain their goals and avoid alcohol after completing the initial treatment plan.

The Central Kansas Foundation Junction City is an out-patient treatment program in Junction City that offers a 12-step approach to recovery. As an out-patient program, individuals can maintain their current place of employment or obligations. The program works around personal schedules and provides group meetings for a supportive and encouraging environment.

Transitions Counseling Services is a treatment program that addresses mental health disorders that may complicate the recovery process. Since it is an out-patient program and it offers 12-step meetings, the facility is a good choice when there is limited time available or when an individual needs additional support.

AlcoholTreatment.net can make it easier to find the best program for personal goals by offering information about facilities that are available in the local area.Finding Treatment in Kansas

There are several treatment programs and 12-step options in Kansas. AlcoholTreatment.net can make it easier to find the best program for personal goals by offering information about facilities that are available in the local area.

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