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Indiana 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersAlcohol addiction and abuse is a common issue that individuals struggle with nationwide. In Indiana, for instance, it’s estimated that 1.16 million people participated in alcohol activity that could be considered “binge drinking” over the past month. Furthermore, it’s estimated that 176,000 people are dependent on alcohol, 377,000 either are depending on it or abuse it and that as many as 349,000 people require assistance to overcome alcohol issues but aren’t currently seeking it.

As you can see, alcohol addiction is a widespread issue in the state. However, there are a variety of alcohol treatment facilities for individuals to seek treatment to overcome their issues with alcohol. One common rehabilitative strategy for helping individuals overcome addiction is what’s known as the “12-step program“. As the name implies, this type of treatment includes 12 steps that an addict must embrace and work through in order to overcome issues with alcohol. While the original 12-step programs placed a heavy focus on religion and spirituality, there are many different versions of the 12 steps today, which can help cater to the particular patient or group of patients seeking treatment.

12-Step Treatment: The Basics

The first step in the 12 step program is admitting that there’s a problem. Other steps include making a list of those that one has hurt as a result of their alcohol issues, as a means of making amends to said individuals, taking responsibility for actions and giving back to the community. For programs that are more religiously oriented, steps may include payer, submitting to God and working with God to become a better human being through the recovery process.

As previously noted, however, 12-step programs can be altered to cater to the specific individual seeking treatment. Normally, participants in the program select a person who has completed the 12-step program as a sponsor, who typically offers support and guidance for the individual during the various steps of the process.

Research and studies show that 12-step programs do work, but their effectiveness also has much to do with the individual’s commitment to treatment. According to a March 2011 study in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, those that were found to attend meetings with high regularity were the ones that reported the most benefit – and continued abstinence – from alcohol addiction years after beginning treatment. Conversely, those that didn’t attend regularly reported much lower levels of continued abstinence. What’s also important to note about the 12-step program is that it’s a continuous process, not one that ends after the 12th step. That’s why continuity and a commitment to carrying out the steps is so crucial toward long-term health and abstinence.

12-Step Treatment Facilities in Indiana

There are dozens and dozens of alcohol treatment facilities located across the state of Indiana that offer the 12-step program as a treatment method. For instance, in the city of Anderson, there’s Aspire Indiana, which offers outpatient 12-step treatment, as well as day programs, at-home programs, and partial hospitalization programs. Aspire Indiana is classified as an intensive outpatient program. Elsewhere in the state, there’s the Cameron Treatment Center at Cameron Memorial Community Hospital, which is a center that is located in Angola. The facility also qualifies as an intensive outpatient recovery center. Fort Wayne is home to a total of 20 alcohol treatment centers that offer the 12-step program, including the likes of Caring About People, Inc. Counseling Services and Center for Solutions. Indianapolis, however, has the most rehab centers offering the 12-step program in the state, with a total of 33. Examples are 2nd Chance Ministries, Inc, Fallcreek Counseling Services and Families First.

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