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Illinois 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersLocated in the heart of the Midwest and made famous by the bustling metropolis of Chicago, Illinois is a state filled with vibrant residents and thriving communities. This state also offers a variety of resources to its residents who are battling an addiction to alcohol. Anyone who feels like they might be dependent on this drug and people who are hoping to begin a sober life are able to secure the help of 12-step alcohol treatment recovery centers in Illinois. The 12-step treatment program is designed to provide patients with a framework for sobriety and make it easy for them to get the help that they need as they take on this challenge in their lives.

Substance Abuse and Addiction to Alcohol in Illinois

One of the most alarming facts is that most people who need treatment for alcohol addiction never get the help that they need. This is a trend that is taking place nationally, and it also is true in Illinois. In 2007, 868,000 people in Illinois reported that they were dependent on alcohol or that they abused the drug on a regular basis. Of those, 826,000 needed treatment in order to overcome their addiction but never received it. It is believed that most people do not seek out their treatment options because they are in denial about the fact that they have a problem or they are not aware of the various types of treatment programs that are available. The 12-step treatment program is one of the most common alcohol addiction treatment options, but many people do not realize that it can be customized in order to meet their personal needs.

About the Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs

The 12-step treatment program is an effective option for treating alcohol addiction, and many people have found that by participating in this type of program they were able to be more successful on their personal journeys toward sobriety. The program was founded as a faith-based treatment option, but it has since grown to incorporate many other steps that help set up the framework for a sober life. A few of the steps in this program include establishing a sponsor who can help you maintain your commitment to sobriety, make amends with people who have been hurt by the decisions of the past, and renewing a commitment to helping others and serving the community.

Research has found that patients who are more involved in this program and who participate in the activities involved with the program are more likely to be continuously sober for two years or more. The purpose of the 12-step program is to help people understand that they are not alone, and to return the favor by helping others who enter the program at a later time. It is recommended that patients stay involved in the 12-step program and continue to attend meetings for many years after recovering from their addiction.

Illinois 12-Step Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Throughout Illinois, there are many 12-step alcohol treatment recovery centers. The Chicago Girls Program is a facility located in Chicago that offers long-term residential programs for female patients. Patients there utilize the 12-step program during their stays, which last for about 3-6 months. PEER Services Inc. is a 12-step facility that is located in Evanston. This treatment center provides at-home care for patients as well as partial inpatient programs. There are 12-step meetings, sponsorship opportunities and alcohol breathalyzer programs available there. New Leaf is a large facility located in Peoria that offers at-home care, outpatient counseling and residential 12-step treatment options for its patients. Patients can choose the program that is right for them based on their level of addiction to alcohol.

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