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Florida 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersUnderstanding 12-Step Programs

When people seek out alcohol treatment programs, they may get involved with 12-Step programs where they want to find spiritual renewal when facing their alcohol addiction or abuse. A 12-Step program takes the principals of the Alcohol Anonymous treatment sessions to help people develop an abstinence from alcohol. This specialized program combines a spiritual approach with self-help and mentoring from group participants. A person will follow the 12 principals described in the program to acknowledge they have a problem, locate the source, and surrender themselves to a higher power who will help them achieve sobriety.

What Do The 12-Step Programs Accomplish?

The 12-Step programs are designed to allow a person to gain self-help support from their sponsors and other members of the group. People will obtain alcohol treatment as well as attend AA meetings as they learn the facts of their alcohol abuse. They learn that alcoholism is a chronic disease that can affect anyone, acknowledge any wrongs they have committed and strive to make amends for those wrongs. The 12-Step program has been seen to give a person greater success at abstaining from alcohol as the continued support and prevention plans reduces the chances of a person relapsing.

Florida Alcohol Treatment Centers Offering 12-Step Programs

An average of 3,040,000 people binge on alcohol in the state of Florida on a monthly basis. Treatment facilities are available to help Floridians finally locate the path to recovery.

Hearthstone Fellowship Foundation Inc.

A nonprofit organization, the Hearthstone Fellowship Foundation Inc, located in Daytona Beach has outpatient treatment programs for people living in the Flagler and Volusia counties. With certified DUI counselors, they offer 12-Step programs for people who have experienced alcohol abuse, alcoholism and DUI issues. They have gathered together scientific-therapeutic research to give specialized individual care as they combine this with 12-Step meetings so people can find a life of abstinence from alcohol. The Hearthstone Fellowship Foundation also has recovery houses for men and women that offer 12-Step programs as people can safely transition from their past lives filled with alcohol to a sober existence.

Genesis House

The Genesis House in Lake Worth, FL offers a residential treatment program that focuses on the 12-Step principals for abstinence of alcohol. The center combines a relaxing atmosphere of manicured landscapes and pools with daily therapy so people can feel relaxed and safe in their environment. People will have their own personal therapist. They will undergo individual meetings as they will be asked to complete program goals that are designed to spur them to understand the source of their alcohol abuse and find a way to overcome it. People will be taken to AA meetings so they can network with other members and gain confidence to pursue a life of sobriety.

Recovery Capital

The Recovery Capital is an alcohol treatment program that offers sober living facilities in Boca Raton where people can take part in 12-Step programs. With a caring environment that is completely drug and alcohol-free, people will participate in 12-Step treatment, complete chores, and have different responsibilities in the sober living facility to help them become active members. In addition to getting alcohol treatment, the Recovery Capital will also assist people in finding employment and obtaining future counseling to maintain a sober life. The center also has halfway houses where people are grouped together by age. This setting allows them to gain understanding and support from their peers so they successfully complete the program.

Locate A Facility With Help From AlcoholTreatment.net

Florida is more than sandy beaches and gorgeous weather. It is also a place where people can find alcohol treatment services for dependency and addiction problems. Let AlcoholTreament.net help you find a center that offers a 12-Step program so you can heal mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our counselors are standing by as we will give you additional information about programs so you can get started on the path of recovery.

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