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California 12-Step Alcohol Treatment CentersWhen people think about alcohol treatment, the first thing that comes to mind is the 12-step treatment program. The program provides a clear set of guidelines and principles for its participants to embrace and follow; they systematically guide everyone into better physical, mental, and spiritual places in their alcoholism recovery.

In 2007, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) determined that over 2.4 million California citizens of ages 12 and older had alcohol dependence or abuse issues. Each and every one of those people could benefit from the state’s myriad 12-step programs.

More About 12-Step Programs

The key paradigms behind a 12-Step program are:

  • Admitting one’s inability to control their addiction
  • Recognizing that God or another personal, higher power can help
  • Identifying past mistakes with a sponsor
  • Addressing and fixing these past mistakes
  • Creating a new code of behavior that avoids facilitating the same mistakes
  • Aiding others with similar compulsions

12-step programs have become so popular in the United States that they have been adapted to treated a whole host of mental health issues aside from alcoholism, including addiction to other drugs, gambling, food, sex, and more. Each of these different programs modify the 12-step to address specific needs, but keep the spirit of the process.

According to “Is level of exposure to a 12-step facilitation therapy associated with treatment outcome?” by Elizabeth A. Wells et al. in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, people who regularly attended 12-step programs reported higher rates of drug abstinence, lower numbers of testing positive on urine-based drug tests, and a greater likelihood of not having drug problems, among other conclusions.

California 12-Step Treatment Centers

Another Choice, Another Chance

Based out of Sacramento, Another Choice, Another Chance (ACAC) specializes in treating and guiding youths affected by drug and alcohol abuse. Hundreds of thousands of California youth suffer from alcohol abuse/dependence each year, and the programs (which include 12-step) available at ACAC help treat that.

ACAC boasts a community-based atmosphere that puts an emphasis on mental health. More often than not, alcohol addiction comes alongside other mental illnesses, and the professionals at ACAC are equipped to treat those illnesses as well.

Aurora Behavioral Health Care

Nestled away in San Diego‘s Carmel Mountain Ranch region, the Aurora Behavioral Health Care center stimulates recovery in a comfortable, beautiful, and distraction-free setting. It’s non-specialized, so it proudly services potential patients of all ages, genders, races, and backgrounds.

Services include outpatient treatment, residential treatment, 12-step programs, chemical dependency services, counseling, and programs for people with multiple diagnoses.

Bernie’s Lil Women Center

For women seeking a center with a comprehensive focus towards them, there are few better places that Bernie’s Lil Women Center. Situated out of Los Angeles, Bernie’s programs all feature women-centric therapies, professionals, and recovery practices. The staffers here are able to practice work that is more specialized and individualized than therapy found at other, more general centers.

Programs available at Bernie’s Lil Women Center include substance abuse treatment, a residential prenatal home for pregnant women, domestic violence counseling, and parenting classes.

St. Anthony Foundation’s Father Alfred Center

Another example of an effective, specialized drug treatment rehab is St. Anthony Foundation’s Father Alfred Center. Based out of San Francisco, this center helps local homeless men combat substance abuse. They feature the Bay Area’s only no-fee residential recovery program to this demographic.

In addition to the treatment program, patients can also expect to develop job and social skills while working at St. Anthony’s Dining Hall and St. Anthony’s Tenderloin Tech Lab.

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