Alabama 12-Step Alcohol Treatment Centers

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Alabama 12-Step Alcohol Treatment Centers

A 12-step program is a treatment method that encourages an individual to overcome addiction through a series of steps. Originally created to combat alcoholism, 12-step programs remain one effective means of treatment for some people suffering from alcohol dependence.

The 12 Steps

Though a user may still go through detox and other traditional therapy treatments, such as methadone maintenance, before, or during, participation in a 12-step program, the12 steps are the forefront of treatment. The most substantial way in which 12-step programs differ from other forms of rehabilitation is in the role the individual individual plays in his or her own treatment.

The 12 steps themselves are a list of spiritually-based tasks meant to guide addicts down the path of relinquishing their addictions on substances, making amends with the people in their lives they may have hurt while using, and finding spiritual guidance in the hopes to prevent them from abusing alcohol in the future.

In the state of Alabama, approximately 240,000 people are dependent upon or abuse alcohol each year. Of these abusers, many individuals will continue to abuse alcohol even after treatment in a rehab facility. Addiction is considered a chronic disorder, which is why many people relapse, but since 12-step programs are an ongoing treatment method, they have shown to improve the outcome for addicts overall.

12-Step Treatment Facilities in Alabama

Before choosing an alcohol treatment recovery center with a 12-step basis, keep in mind that 12-step programs are not effective for everyone, at least not alone. Much of what makes a 12-step program work is an addict’s will to adopt the principles of the program and follow through after rehabilitation is complete. For those who are looking to try 12-step therapy in Alabama, some of the state’s cities have treatment facilities that use 12-step programs as part of their strategy.

University of Alabama at Birmingham Addiction Recovery Program

The Addiction Recovery Program at the University of Alabama provides alcohol treatment for both men and women, with women-only programs available. Services are offered on a partial-hospitalization/day-release, at-home, or intensive outpatient basis, and detox is provided for those who need help getting over the physical dependence aspect of their addictions. Along with reintegration programs and halfway houses to help program participants post-rehab, the university offers 12-step meetings for alcoholics in the area.

Lighthouse Counseling Center Inc. Intensive Outpatient Unit

The Lighthouse Counseling Center in Montgomery provides voluntary or court-ordered alcohol treatment, as well as dual diagnosis treatment for individuals with co-occurring mental illnesses. The services are done on a partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient basis. Lighthouse utilizes many holistic treatment strategies, including sauna detoxification, nutritional therapy, and wilderness rehabilitation programs. It also sponsors 12-step meetings for continuing recovery after rehabilitation.

Mountain View Hospital Outpatient Services

Gadsden’s Mountain View Hospital Outpatient Services provides partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient therapy for adults and adolescents. Alcohol detox is provided, as well as dual diagnosis treatment for those clients who suffer co-occurring mental illnesses, such as depression. The facility incorporates some holistic and alternative therapies into the rehabilitation process, and provides continuing support after rehab in the forms of sober living facilities and 12-step meetings.

Bradford Health Services

Bradford Health Services’s Jacksonville-area office provides alcohol treatment to adults and adolescents, including women-only and men-only therapy groups. Specialized services are provided for gay and lesbian clients, and private alcohol treatment is available. The facility uses many alternative therapy techniques in the rehabilitation process, including nutritional and exercise therapy, and had dual diagnosis treatment for those with underlying mental illnesses. Treatment is provided on either a partial-hospitalization or intensive outpatient basis, and includes 12-step meetings as part of its recovery process.

If you’re ready to try a 12-step program to overcome your dependence upon alcohol, let help you find the right facility today.Alcohol addiction is more than physical dependence. It has emotional and psychological elements as well. A 12-step program helps you get to the heart of these area to find a way of coping without the use of alcohol. If you’re ready to try a 12-step program to overcome your dependence upon alcohol, let help you find the right facility today.

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