The Dangers Of Mixing Heroin With Alcohol

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An addiction to heroin is already a serious problem. But when a person mixes alcohol or other drugs with heroin, they are putting their lives in even more danger. Heroin is a very addictive substance on its own. Abusing heroin can result in: infectious diseases (if the needle used is infected), addiction, trouble breathing, overdosing resulting in death, or intense withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting. Mixing heroin with alcohol is a cocktail disaster just waiting to happen. By mixing these two substances together, you are at an increased risk for breathing and heart rate slowed down to dangerous levels, coma, or even death. Both heroin and alcohol depress the central nervous system, so mixing the two could overwhelm the body in extremely negative ways. It’s a deadly combination.

Heroin And Alcohol Abuse

A 2003 survey conducted nationwide from the National Institute on Drug Abuse discovered that at least 3.7 million Americans had used heroin during some point in their lives. In 2010, heroin was responsible for 224,706 ER visits according to the Drug Abuse Warning Network. Heroin by itself is one of the most dangerous narcotics out there. Just imagine the damage it can do if mixed with alcohol.

Mixing heroin with alcohol, as mentioned above, can result in a coma. If your body enters a coma, you could suffer serious brain injuries that could permanently affect your cognitive, behavioral, and physical abilities. Because both heroin and alcohol slow down breathing and heart rate, if this goes on for too long, there will be a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. This puts the person at a large risk for brain damage.

Heroin is an illegal and often expensive drug. Those addicted to heroin may not always have access or be able to buy the drug. The individual might turn to alcohol abuse to attempt to avoid or lessen heroin withdrawal. This can also be extremely dangerous because while they are not consuming heroin and alcohol at the same time, there may be traces of the heroin toxin left in their blood that does mix with the alcohol. This puts their life in extreme danger and may require immediate medical attention. Even if the individual is able to walk away from the ER after this serious experience, they may only be able to remember the euphoria they felt while mixing the two together. So, after time, a tolerance is built up between the two if abuse continues, and a co-addiction may arise. Mixing the drugs will lower their tolerance causing them to crave even larger amounts of the two dangerous substances, which could lead to disastrous results.

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Online Access Can Help Or Hurt You

Technology can be a great tool. Right now, you are able to read this blog and it just might be saving your life. This blog is being used for good. But technology can also be used in negative ways. There are many sites or chat forums on the internet with drug abusers that support and give advice to one another. Maybe you have encountered such a chat forum or site. It is wise to avoid these negative influences. On one of the forums, it was suggested by someone that mixing alcohol and heroin together is fine as long as a person does it slowly and knows “when to stop.” This is absolutely ridiculous. If you have heard this lie or something similar, it is simply NOT true. This is absolutely false and there are tons of similar statements and myths out there that need to be debunked. It’s simply not based in reality. Do not listen to those who encourage drug abuse. They simply do not know what they are talking about, and they also need help for their addiction.

The truth is that mixing heroin with alcohol can kill you. There is no “safe” way to do it. Even if a friend, family member, or an anonymous person in cyberspace told you it’s safe to mix the two, it’s not. If you have an addiction or have been abusing heroin and alcohol, the best thing you can do is seek help now. Avoid chat rooms or social forums that support your drug abuse, and seek professional help immediately for your addiction. Abusing drugs is a serious matter and could result in death. Mixing alcohol and heroin is extremely dangerous, and don’t allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

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