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Texas, like many other states in the United States, has a significant number of individuals who struggle with alcohol abuse disorder. However, Texas has a number of accredited alcohol addiction treatment centers located throughout the state.

Top 5 Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers in Texas

We have put together a list of some of the best treatment centers in Texas. These centers have been chosen based upon their unique treatment offers and success rates. All offer highly individualized treatment plans, and cater to the individual’s needs related to alcohol abuse disorder. Some of these centers provide unique elements of care such as equine therapy. In a state like Texas, there are many unique environments where an individual can recover.

1.  Shades of Hope Treatment Center, Buffalo Gap

Shades of Hope Treatment Center provides rehabilitation services based on the 12 step model. By addressing the reasons behind self-medication, this center leads individuals into a life of sobriety by unpacking those reasons and developing a highly individualized treatment program for each resident.

Shades of Hope is also committed to the development of a Continuing Care Plan and support system, in order to set the resident up for success beyond their initial treatment in the center. The resident can be set up with a sober living situation while still receiving care from the staff at Shades of Hope.

2. The Treehouse Rehab, Scurry

The Treehouse Rehab is a highly individualized program with a number of therapy options and treatments. Since the client to medical professional ratio is 1:1, patients receive intensive care that is specified to fit their needs. The medical professionals at Treehouse Rehab have received advanced training in the treatment of mental health and substance abuse disorders. The center also offers unique therapies in the form of adventure therapy, wilderness therapy, tai chi, and many other recreational activities.

3.  Serenity View Recovery Center, Princeton

In a large estate located in northeast Texas, the Serenity View Recovery Center offers a number of recovery modalities. Personal hospitalization programs, motivational interviewing, medication-assisted treatment, and other highly personalized forms of treatment help to create an individualized program for each resident. Fitness programs, nutrition, recreation, and even therapies like equine therapy are offered as well.

In addition, by separating process groups into different genders, gender-specific elements of treatment can be focused upon.

4.  Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center, Hico

Touchstone Ranch Recovery Center is a specialized addiction recovery center providing a highly individualized treatment program. Specifically, many of the staff members working at Touchstone have their own personal experiences with substance abuse. It is believed that this type of experience makes for a very special expertise in treating addiction. Staff members provide very compassionate care for each and every individual. Touchstone Ranch also specializes in care for many different co-occurring disorders.

5.  Sante Center For Healing, Argyl

The Sante Center for Healing offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers for alcohol use disorders. Addiction to alcohol is often intertwined with mental health disorders. By providing an interdisciplinary approach to health and healing, Sante Center treats all aspects of the individual experience. The rehabilitation center also offers experiential treatment, including equine therapy, art therapy, and more. Its location on a Texas ranch offers a relaxing, healing atmosphere where individuals can recover peacefully. 

Alcohol Detox Programs in Texas

Detoxification from alcohol use disorders is the process during which alcohol leaves the body through withdrawal. Withdrawal can be potentially dangerous, when symptoms such as tremors, delirium tremens, and seizures can potentially occur. Medication can be used throughout detox, when an individual begins to experience cravings. Medications such as naltrexone (Vivitrol) can be used to manage alcohol dependence, and prevent an individual with alcohol use disorder from drinking. Naltrexone can cause severe sickness when alcohol is ingested, thus preventing future use.

Texas Inpatient Rehab Treatment

Entering into an inpatient rehab center in Texas is an effective way of treating alcohol abuse and addiction. Inpatient rehab treatment involves a long-term, residential stay at a rehabilitation center, typically 30-90 days, depending on each person’s situation. This intensive form of treatment can help to promote a long-lasting recovery. There are many treatment programs of inpatient treatment, including dual diagnosis, counseling, medication-assisted treatment, and more.

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Texas Dual Diagnosis Programs

Often, addiction is triggered by another condition, such as a mental illness. This is known as a co-occurring disorder, or a dual diagnosis. When an individual enters rehab and goes through the intake process, medical professionals will carefully evaluate the patient’s background. It is important to consider all elements of mental illness throughout the treatment program.

For instance, an individual may use alcohol in order to deal with symptoms of anxiety. While alcohol may help with those symptoms briefly, alcohol can actually cause more anxiety, and often, causes the development of an alcohol use disorder. This creates a cycle where the individual begins self-medicating. During treatment, the mental illness and alcohol use disorder can be addressed in a medical setting, and the individual can learn healthier methods for coping with their illness.

Great Oaks Recovery Center is a highly accredited dual diagnosis center located in Egypt, Texas. The individualized program at Great Oaks begins with a comprehensive psychosocial assessment. From there, the individualized treatment plan is carefully formed. With a primary therapist for each individual, patients undergo treatment that addresses all underlying co-occurring disorders. After inpatient care, the center prevents against relapse with programs beyond the initial treatment period. Green Oaks provides ongoing support with highly-trained professionals to lead the individual to success beyond their stay at the treatment center.

Gender Specific Treatment

In some instances, gender-specific treatment is a good option for some individuals with alcohol addiction. Some centers will separate men and women into different facilities. It is believed that this separation is beneficial to certain individuals. By separating men and women, different issues are focused upon. For men, a specific center may focus on anger issues, the expression of emotions, and so on. Women might be allowed to bring children into their section of the center, where they may learn about family issues and other problems.

Nova Recovery Center, located in Buda, Texas, is a treatment center specializing in gender-specific treatment. The center forms their programs based on the research that has demonstrated gender-specific treatment to result in higher success rates. Due to psychological, social, and physical differences, men and women go through gender-specific therapies and treatments that address these variances. 

Alcohol Abuse Counseling in Texas

A very important facet of the treatment process, counseling includes a variety of forms: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma therapy, family therapy, and other types of counseling. Counseling may be conducted via individual or group counseling. Depending on the patient and patient family’s specific needs, the most appropriate type of therapy treatment will be chosen. Counseling will continue throughout the treatment process for alcohol use disorders, and during aftercare.

Serenity House is a center not only providing counseling in the form of individual and group sessions, but also educational lectures. By providing education in the form of lectures about drug and alcohol abuse, the consequences, and the means of recovery, residents learn more about what brought them to recovery. Serenity House also unpacks the reasons behind co-occurring disorders and how they have led the individual to their situation.

Texas Wilderness And Outdoor Therapy Programs 

Some centers offer a unique experience in the form of wilderness or outdoor therapy. By spending time in a healing environment, residents of a rehabilitation center have an added element of therapy in the experience. Depending on the location, there may be the added element of equine therapy, or working with horses.

Treehouse Rehab is located on a 40-acre campus, with lakes, streams, and trees that create a peaceful landscape for healing. The center offers wilderness therapy, which includes lessons in survival skills, which is believed to help in the development of personal coping tools. Spending time in nature has been shown to reduce stress, and aid in the realization of one’s dreams and ambitions.

Texas Outpatient Programs For Alcohol Use Disorder

For some individuals, inpatient treatment may not be a necessary option. Their experience may not include the severe withdrawal symptoms that require a more medicalized treatment. Responsibilities such as work or school might also prevent an individual from attending an inpatient rehabilitation program. For those with circumstances that prevent treatment in an inpatient program, an outpatient program might be a great option. During an outpatient program for the treatment of alcohol use disorders, programs may range from more or less intensive.

Support Groups in Texas

While support groups are an important part of inpatient treatment, they also extend to outpatient treatment as well. Having a support system in place allows individuals to return to the help of others when needed throughout the recovery process. 12 step programs are the most common type of support group program. In Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12 steps are specific actionable steps that those in recovery from alcohol must take to move forward. Additionally, non-12 step programs are available, such as SMART Recovery and Celebrate Recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Programs  

Depending on the nature of the individualized program, a partial hospitalization program may be recommended. Also known as a PHP, this type of outpatient program is most similar to an inpatient program, though not quite as intensive. Patients are required to attend sessions of therapy each week, as well as undergo necessary medical treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Similar to PHPs, intensive outpatient programs, or IOPs, involve a required number of hours per week in a treatment center. Patients receive individual and group counseling, and programs will work around a patient’s schedule, allowing them more freedom to choose when and where their treatment occurs. 

Sober Living Homes And Communities in Texas

When exiting a treatment center, it is important that an individual enter an environment where they will not be tempted to use alcohol. This can be accomplished by entering a sober living facility, where living among others going through the same experience can learn from one another and gain support in an understanding environment.

Shades of Hope Treatment Center provides sober living care after treatment in order for the resident to transition back into the real world more easily. After the treatment program has been completed, the individual will have learned how to identify the issues that led them to drink alcohol, as well as learn how to live without self-medicating. In its establishment of a sober living program, this treatment center has demonstrated that care does not end with treatment. Care continues beyond recovery with the establishment of a continuous plan that allows the individual to successfully stay sober.

Texas Court-Ordered Rehab Programs 

Until recently, Texas has been behind the rest of the country in instituting drug courts. It has been found that drug courts are extremely effective in reducing the rates of addiction. All too often, individuals filter in and out of the court system when they are imprisoned, instead of receiving treatment. For this reason, court-ordered mandated treatment is now a priority in Texas.

Typically, non-violent alcohol-related offenses are eligible for this type of rehab program. For example, a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge is considered a non-violent related charge. This means that this type of offense is eligible to be treated legally in a drug court. Drug courts guide those with alcohol-related issues into a treatment program, rather than the prison system.

Paying For A Texas Alcohol Rehab Program

It can be nerve-wracking to decide how to pay for treatment. It can be even more intimidating to work with insurance providers throughout the process. There are payment plans available through rehab centers, as well as private loans, and loans offered through certain treatment centers. Scholarships and grants can also cover the funds needed. In addition, there are free and low-cost rehab centers in the state of Texas.

The following insurance providers are available in the state of Texas:

  • Aetna
  • Ambetter Rehab Insurance
  • Coventry
  • Humana
  • Magellan
  • Multiplan
  • Vista 360

Texas Alcohol Abuse Rates

Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug in Texas. Most public substance abuse treatment centers reported the main drug issue as alcohol. In 2013, the highest number of drunk driving deaths in the nation occurred in Texas. This equates to 1 in 10 out of all drunk driving deaths across the country.

It is known that binge drinking often contributes to impaired driving. 1.9% of the nation’s adults reports driving after drinking too much. In comparison, in Texas, 2.1% of adults report driving after drinking too much.

Despite these troubling statistics, Texas has responded with the implementation of a number of effective treatment centers across the state. In the state of Texas, there are plenty of centers treating the conditions surrounding your situation. The journey to sobriety begins with research and considering your options.

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