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Texas Alcohol Recovery CentersEverything’s Bigger in Texas, Including the Drinking Statistics

Texas is known for a lot of things: the Alamo, great barbeques, the oil and cattle industries. The Lone Star State evokes images of hard work and independence. The state name means “friend”, and “Friendship” is the state motto. The people of Texas pride themselves on their neighborly disposition and larger than life personality. Everything’s bigger in Texas, from the hair to the hospitality.

With an environment so big on gatherings and get-togethers, it should be no surprise that alcohol is used on a regular basis. What might be surprising is that a good percent of those imbibing are under 21, making the State the 9th highest in underage drinking. And people who start drinking under the age of 21 are up to 4 times more likely to develop a dependency on alcohol.

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The difficult thing about alcoholism is that it often sneaks up on you. It’s socially acceptable to drink, even at a young age, until it becomes a problem. Often it’s a catch 22—you feel out of place if you don’t drink and then when you develop a problem, you feel socially ostracized for the thing that made you feel socially accepted when you began.

Once you do realize that you have a problem, seeking treatment is the first step in the right direction. Many treatment programs across the state of Texas can help. The Right Step Treatment Program located just north of Houston offers treatment for adolescents as well as adults and is known for relapse prevention, spirituality awareness, group sessions, and family group sessions. Whether you’re seeking help at 13 or 60, the Right Step has experts that cater to your specific needs.

The La Hacienda Treatment Program located in Austin offers an intensive outpatient treatment program so that patients can live in their own homes and continue to work while battling their addiction in a supportive environment. The 12 step philosophy is the cornerstone of La Hacienda’s treatment program and they offer both patient and family counseling to battle the addiction and help you learn how to navigate your life sober.

Contact us today to get free guidance in finding the right program for youIn El Paso, the Alano Club offers a residential treatment facility so that you can be ensconced in a sober environment while taking the first steps to recovery. They offer family, group, and independent counseling to help you achieve your goals.

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