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After completing an initial 28-day or 30-day inpatient treatment program, many individuals benefit from continued sobriety support at a sober-living house. Sober living alcohol treatment recovery centers are a type of transitional housing that bridge the gap between total-immersion residential care facilities and unrestricted environments. Sober living alcohol treatment centers provide individuals in recovery with much-needed structure and support, reducing the risk of relapse and supporting long-term sobriety.

Sober Living Centers Reduce Risk for Relapse, Support Sobriety

Remaining sober is one of the biggest challenges individuals face after completing rehab. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions and preparation, relapse can happen. A survey of Alcoholics Anonymous members found that three out of every four members admitted to relapsing within the first year of their recovery. However, after five years, the relapse rate decreased to seven percent. Sober living centers are an important step in the transition process after inpatient treatment and the key to reducing the risk of relapse.

Most inpatient detox treatment facilities are designed for short-term stays, which makes long-term care an impractical option in these centers. Additionally, a long-term stay at a full-service residential care center can be very expensive, especially if insurance only covers the first part of treatment. Individuals can also become acclimated to the intensive treatment environment, which makes adjusting to the outside world extremely difficult. For this reason, individuals who have completed an initial 30-day program typically choose to transition into a treatment recovery center. Sober living homes supplement the formal recovery process by creating an intermediate sober environment that helps ease individuals back towards their home environment.

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Sober living centers bring individuals from all walks of life together

Some individuals may just have completed their treatment while others may have been sober for six months or one year. Sober living homes are an important place for individuals to practice the new, healthy lifestyle habits they learned during intensive rehab. For example, some sober living centers provide support for the job search process, including assistance with resumes, applications and interview preparation. Sober living centers also provide a safe space for individuals to begin repairing damaged relationships with, family, friends, and coworkers. Making amends, apologizing and asking for forgiveness is a liberating process, but it can also be stressful and challenging, especially if former friends or family members react negatively. A sober living center’s supportive community can help individuals through these challenging times as individuals put together a new outside support network.

The cost of sober living depends on the type of center. Some centers offer reduced housing costs as part of a work exchange program; individuals may do chores around the house, participate in communal cooking and cleaning, and otherwise support the community. Some inpatient treatment centers are also affiliated with sober living recovery programs and may offer discounted or reduced-cost care for individuals who successfully complete the rehab program.

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Making the decision to seek treatment is not easy. After completing an initial inpatient rehab program, it is important to remain vigilant and address sobriety on a day-by-day basis. Sober living alcohol centers are a natural fit for long-term recovery goals. If you are searching for an affordable sober living alcohol recovery center, the experienced addiction specialists at can help. We understand just how challenging it can be to find the right recovery housing option that is affordable and conveniently located. We will work closely with you to make the transition process as easy and seamless as possible. Long-term sobriety is possible – contact today to get started.

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