Smoking Can Make Quitting Drinking More Difficult

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Smoking Can Make Quitting Drinking More Difficult

When someone is ready to accept and change their life, oftentimes there is more than one obstacle that can interrupt their plans. People who find themselves dependent on or abusing alcohol will be at odds with a number of barriers as they make their way along the path to sobriety. Getting sober from alcoholism is imperative in mending your body, moving toward a place of health and true happiness, and repairing the world that you’ve likely damaged around you. What makes the recovery process that much more difficult is the concurrent behavior of smoking cigarettes.

Smoking is something that many drinkers do. In fact, those who abuse either alcohol or drugs are commonly smokers, relying on the many associated good feelings that cigarettes give them. Smoking is something that people say calms them, though scientifically it rather stimulates nerves and can produce discomfort in the stomach, head, and other areas of the body. Smoking is also a behavior that an addicted individual relies on as a fixation to draw them away from other substances, especially when they’re unable to acquire what they really want. Moreover, smoking cigarettes is something that becomes a habitual tendency, something that one with an addiction disorder would take up as it melds into the patterns they’re used to.

Being used to these patterns, the addictive nature and fixative characteristics, someone addicted to or abusing alcohol would be very wise to also cut off ties with smoking as they leave drinking behind.

Smoking While You Drink

Something common that even nonsmokers do while drinking is having a cigarette, or even a few. On those weekend nights, out with friends, at your favorite bar, it becomes easy to associate knocking back some drinks with drawing on a square as well. While smoking inside at bars and restaurants has been banned in most states, there are still places that offer outdoor seating. And for those that don’t, it usually doesn’t stop someone from venturing outside in between drinks to have a smoke.

While it may be easy to let smoking go once you’ve quit drinking, it may be difficult to attend the places where you once did both, without being tempted. Going to a bar is not the best place for you during this arduous journey, and that is something you can hold onto, as you must weed some things out of your life for now. In the future you may be perfectly fine to go to those familiar places such as bars, but in this moment, you need to cut out drinking completely from your life and begin the repair process. Know that it will only be harder to quit drinking if you’re smoking or at a bar.

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Withdrawals And Cigarettes

The withdrawal process is always difficult, whether your body is coming off of drugs or alcohol. But, alcohol withdrawal is known to be a particularly challenging experience, as it leaves many of us in a way that causes many serious side effects. While not everyone will get extremely sick, many will, and the illness associated with withdrawal can also alarm the body and promote dangerous symptoms, such as seizures and extreme anxiety.

Knowing that your body is unwell and that you’re at risk for major effects, you may end up wanting to smoke in an effort to (seemingly) calm yourself. Smoking during this process could actually open doors for you to desire another drink. Your association with smoking + drinking is something that you must shake yourself of. Allowing your body to heal fully beyond detox before having a cigarette, will keep you going down the right path. Getting wrapped up in another addicting habit in an attempt to relieve a stressor (withdrawal), you do run the risk of sinking yourself into the mentality that substances will cure and help you, when really, they won’t.

Addiction: Transferable Behaviors

Again, you must consider the fact that having multiple addictions will make it harder to quit just one. Smoking cigarettes is very common in rehab. Though some rehabilitation facilities do not allow smoking, many do and those that do will see their courtyards full of smokers who are coming off of their substance of choice.

Cigarettes during recovery are often smoked more. A pack a day can quickly turn into two when you’re cutting out alcohol from your normal diet and dealing with the anxiety that may incur during the process of finding sobriety.

What you should do at this time is try very hard to let go of both addictions, as they can easily play off one another and get you back into your bad habits. Be aware of where you should be, where you shouldn’t be, and how to replace everything in your life associated with drinking, with new and fun sober activities. Believe me, there are plenty of things to do in the world that involve ZERO drugs, alcohol, or cigarette smoking. While the struggle of getting clean is very real, try some other steps to cut out cigarettes while chucking the drink out too. Vaporized cigarettes have become a slightly better alternative to smoking that may work as a good stepping stone toward quitting altogether.

In With The New, Out With The Old

Contact to get help finding the best program for your recoveryNow is the time to make commitments to your recovery. If smoking promotes the risk of drinking again, let go of cigarettes and start making the best decisions for your life. Health is number one for you now and you’ll know how good it feels to be free of addiction very soon. Don’t hesitate to change your life. Cut out the bars and the bad company and get into treatment today. Contact to get help finding the best program for your recovery.

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