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Residential Alcohol Centers

Residential alcohol treatment recovery centers allow patients to move into a selected facility and complete their recovery journey as a resident of the treatment center. Residential treatment centers allow the addict to focus solely and completely on their recovery, without influence from any other outside parties or obligations such as work and school. The success rate of residential alcohol treatment recovery centers is very high because of the level of commitment involved, but many people often invest in aftercare treatment as well in order to maintain sober for the long-term.

What is Daily Life Like at a Residential Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center?

When a person first enters a residential alcohol treatment recovery center, they must go through the difficult withdrawal process. During this time, the patient experiences difficult symptoms, and professionals are available 24 hours a day in order to help them cope with this process. After the withdrawal process is complete, patients move on to a treatment plan that includes daily private and group therapy sessions, recreational activities, meal times and time to meditate and contemplate sobriety. Residential programs follow a strict schedule, allowing patients to adjust to their new life as a sober person.

Why Should You Choose a Residential Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center?

A residential alcohol treatment recovery center is a wise choice for addicts who have a severe addiction, or who have tried to complete outpatient programs in the past without success. Residential programs allow addicts to focus completely on their recovery, and this can be very beneficial for people who are alcoholics. They do not have to worry about the stress of family life, socializing or working and providing for others. The only thing they have to focus on is getting better and improving their own lives. In addition to this, residential alcohol treatment recovery centers allow patients to customize their own recovery experience. Some patients may require a 30-day stay in a residential center, but facilities offer experiences that can last for up to 90 days or longer. This allows patients to figure out what they need in order to recover from their addiction to alcohol and be successful on their own personal journey.

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How Much Does a Residential Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center Cost?

Residential alcohol treatment recovery centers cost more to attend than outpatient centers, largely because this type of facility is more comprehensive and includes more services for the addicts. Meals, round-the-clock care and living quarters all are factored into the cost of these facilities. The specific cost will vary based on the location of the treatment center and the services that are offered at that facility. The length of time that a patient stays in the residential alcohol treatment recovery center also will impact the total cost of the recovery process for the patient. In some cases, the patient’s insurance policy may cover the cost of addiction treatment. People should check with their individual policy prior to choosing a residential facility.

Alcoholics who want to take the first important step toward sobriety and check into a residential alcohol treatment recovery center should start by finding the center that is right for them. At, our caring counselors are available to help addicts and their loved ones find the best treatment center for their needs. For patients who are seeking a residential experience, we can help them find a treatment center that provides the services they both want and need in a location that is both convenient and affordable. Take the time to contact us today. It’s the best step you can take toward a lifetime of sobriety.

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