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Alcoholism abuse and addiction can have a serious impact on an individual’s well being, leading to the loss of family, friends, finances, homes and jobs. This negative impact is magnified for individuals with a mental health condition. More than 8.9 million American adults have both a mental and substance abuse disorder; however, only 7.4% of these individuals receive treatment for both conditions. Psychiatric care alcohol treatment centers are specially designed to address both alcohol abuse as well as mental health concerns.

Mental Illness and Alcohol Abuse: The Need for Specialized Treatment

Mental health and alcohol addiction treatment services address co-morbidity, a condition in which an individual is diagnosed with two or more disorders or illnesses. These conditions frequently occur at the same time, and often interact to worsen the course of both. For example, individuals who are depressed or anxious may turn to alcohol to cope with these feelings, exacerbating their depression and anxiety, as well as their dependence on alcohol. Thirty percent of adults with mental illness also binge drink (consuming five or more drinks at once) — compared with only 24% of adult with no mental illness. One-quarter of all adults with serious mental illness (2.8 million adults) are also dependent on substances like alcohol.

Between 40 and 60 percent of individuals who abuse addictive substances, like alcohol, will relapse, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Individuals who have been diagnosed with co-occurring disorders are at greater risk for relapse if both conditions are not effectively treated. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder in addition to struggling with alcohol abuse, it is absolutely critical to seek treatment through a psychiatric care center equipped to address both mental health concerns as well as abuse. These centers will have the experienced staff, resources, and program structure necessary to help individuals successfully address both their dependence on alcohol as well as mental health issues like depression.

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Psychiatric Care Alcohol Treatment is First Step to Sobriety

Seeking treatment is an important first step towards living a healthy, sober life — especially if you or a loved one is struggling with a mental health disease in addition to alcohol addiction. In general, psychiatric care alcohol treatment centers offer medically supervised detox, inpatient and/or partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient care. For adults who are struggling with both substance abuse and mental health issues, this combination of intensive treatment is a critical lifeline. Given the high rate of relapse for individuals with co-occurring disorders, seeking treatment at a psychiatric care alcohol center is a healthy, positive choice that positions individuals for long-term sobriety. Addressing the root causes underlying addiction is critical for successful treatment.

Most psychiatric care alcohol treatment centers accept insurance for partial or full payment. The amount of insurance coverage and reimbursement can vary depending on the type of policy and whether the insurance company is a preferred provider for a specific treatment center. The cost of treatment may also vary depending on the type of medically supervised detoxification and mental health care that is necessary.

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