Prevent Becoming Anti-Social in Recovery From Alcohol Addiction

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Prevent Becoming Anti-Social in Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

The completion of a drug treatment program can be a challenging process. That’s why a person attending rehab must consider life after treatment as a vital part of learning how to live a drug-free life. Adjusting to a post-rehab life helps prevent the chance of relapse and ensures an increase in overall wellness during your ongoing recovery. After rehab, some people develop antisocial behaviors, which could destroy an effective recovery process. Avoiding these behaviors can help you reintegrate into society more effectively.

What Is Antisocial Behavior?

When someone thinks of a person as being antisocial, they often revert to ideas of a person with low self-esteem, withdrawing from relationships, and separating themselves from society.

Although this could certainly be the case, the definition of antisocial disorder is much more complex. Antisocial disorder as related to alcohol-addiction could include the following symptoms:

  • Consistently lying or being deceitful
  • Manipulating situations with extreme charm
  • Employing regular, risk-taking behaviors
  • Irritability or hostility toward others
  • Difficulty feeling remorse when harming someone else
  • Problems learning from negative or detrimental behaviors
  • Thoughts of superiority above others
  • Always putting your own needs above others’

People with antisocial disorder behave in ways that go against normal social tendencies. A person must be evaluated by a therapist in order to be officially diagnosed with this disorder.

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Antisocial Tendencies And Drug Abuse

Many times people become antisocial after dealing with drug addiction, whereas others already have antisocial disorder and revert to drug or alcohol addiction due to inability to cope with the inappropriate behaviors.

No matter the cause, it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of the disorder in order to avoid them during the process of treatment and recovery. If you feel as if you would be predisposed to becoming antisocial, or if you have struggled with some of the symptoms of antisocial disorder, then heeding professional advice on addressing the signs would be a smart idea.

If antisocial behaviors are left unchecked, a person with the disorder might try to manipulate situations or people to use drugs or alcohol, resort to risky behavior, or make impulsive decisions related to drug dependency.

How To Combat Being Antisocial

Antisocial behaviors can be stifling and harmful to friends and family of the person with the disorder. Combat these symptoms by implementing the following strategies:

Become a good listener: Purposefully attempt to understand and deeply consider what another person is trying to convey to you during conversation. If you need clarification, then simply ask. Learning to be an effective communicator directly opposes typical antisocial behavior.

Get a second opinion, or two: Before you make any serious decisions, talk to a trusted source. This person should play the role of a mentor in your life–a person who makes good decisions for his or her own life and genuinely cares about your mental, emotional, and physical health. Checking in with someone else can help you avoid making impulsive, risky decisions.

Be honest: Make a pact with yourself to tell the truth. There are always consequences to being deceitful and it does not benefit you in the long haul.

Choose friends wisely: Once in recovery, you probably won’t be able to have some of the same friends. It has been observed that antisocial behaviors can be acquired from spending time around other antisocial people. This doesn’t mean you need to avoid relationships, but you must choose to have healthy ones.

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