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Oklahoma Alcohol Recovery CentersOklahoma Provides a Wide-Range of Programs for Alcohol Addiction

Oklahoma is home to a vibrant American Indian culture, Western roots, scenic state parks, and a diverse terrain. While the Sooner State boasts a healthy economy from a range of industry sectors, underage drinking is costing the state serious dollars.

According to a 2010 report, underage drinking cost Oklahoma nearly $1 billion that year. A report released by the Office of Adolescent Health says 23 percent of high school students in grades 9 through 12 reported having 5 or more drinks in a row during the 30 days before the survey. That’s a percentage point higher than the national average in the same study. As the numbers clearly show, Oklahomans are not immune to heavy drinking and alcoholism.

Treatment Is Waiting at One of Oklahoma’s Alcohol Addiction Facilities

The South Central state has diverse treatment options located throughout to set you on a path to recovery. Cushing Valley Hope Drug Rehab Center is one viable option for inpatient care. Located midway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the center offers 70 beds at a grand mansion that overlooks the city of Cushing. Medically supervised detoxification is available, and medication is used in treatment if necessary. During residential treatment, patients receive more than 40 hours of active therapy that includes counseling, pastoral sessions, marital, family, or group therapy. Additionally, patients attend 12 step meetings and lectures. Outpatient and intensive outpatient services are also available at the same level of care.

At the Eagle Ridge Institute in Oklahoma City, inpatient care is offered only to women with children from infant to 12 years old. Special care is given to pregnant or postpartum women. Patients are advised to go through detoxification prior to arriving at the facility, as its focus is solely therapeutic over a 9- to 12-month period. Treatment approaches include education about treating alcohol addiction and the associated risks of the disease, coping, parenting, and other life skills as well as spiritual principles.

Contact AlcoholTreatment.net today to learn more about the options available within your home state.By contrast, House of Hope in Grove is an all-male facility. Patients must be 18 or older. The treatment center offers inpatient care over the course of 30 days, but does not provide a detoxification program. Residential treatment is heavily educational and therapeutic based care. Most of a patient’s time will be spent in a classroom going over the disease of addiction, studying the underlying problems, as well as anger management issues, and relapse prevention.

Alcoholism can be costly not only to you but to an entire community. Don’t wait to fix the problem. Act now by seeking help from one of Oklahoma’s various alcohol treatment facilities. Contact AlcoholTreatment.net today to learn more about the options available within your home state.

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