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North Dakota Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol Treatment Programs in North Dakota Provide the Resources for Success

North Dakota, situated in the Great Plains region of the country, is the most promising state when it comes to employment, as the unemployment rate is the lowest in the country at 3.2 percent. Agriculture, petroleum, tourism and food processing are the leading industries to this job-friendly state.

Contrary to North Dakota’s nickname as the Peace Garden State, binge drinking and underage drinking are massive problems. According to multiple reports, the state has the third-highest percentage of teens who binge drink, and the highest percentage of teens who drink and drive.

While alcohol addiction is a sad reality for some North Dakotans, overcoming alcohol dependence doesn’t have to be done alone. A number of professional therapy and treatment centers are available to give alcohol abusers a fair chance at recovery and growth. North Dakota encompasses the whole gamut of treatment options, from inpatient to outpatient care, as well as rehab services for all ages.

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Located in Fargo, the ShareHouse offers inpatient care at a variety of treatment levels for adults. Upon arrival, each patient is evaluated to determine a proper treatment plan. The high intensity residential treatment program includes residential stay and at least 30 hours per week of programming, as well as participation in 12 step recovery groups. Holistic therapy treatment, which includes acupuncture and yoga, is also offered to patients.

Meanwhile, the Heartview Foundation in Bismarck also offers a comprehensive approach to treating addiction. Inpatient care is provided at its 11-bed residential center for patients 18 years and older who need to be closely monitored. Detoxification is also available to patients until they are ready to continue on with treatment. Outpatient services are available to patients 14 years and older who can remain sober while living independently and can make it to their required visits at the Heartview Foundation on a regular basis.

Lake Region Human Services center in Devils Lake provides medical detoxification, as well as varying levels of outpatient treatment for all ages. Residential services are available to patients who are enrolled in outpatient care who require additional structured support to maintain sobriety. Living options may include semi-independent living, crisis residential services, or a residential group care setting.

A drinking problem won’t dry up on its own. Luckily, seeking professional help can greatly increase the risk of relapse during recovery. Quite a few rehab facilities throughout North Dakota are ready to assist you. Start to regain your life back. Contact today to find the perfect treatment center for you.

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