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New Hampshire Alcohol Recovery CentersNew Hampshire’s Alcohol Treatment Programs Help People Recover the Lives

The Granite State of New Hampshire is one of the cradles of American democracy and home to a proud population who take their motto seriously—live free or die. A popular East Coast tourist destination in both summer and winter, New Hampshire’s rugged beauty and rich history give the state a much bigger influence than its geographic size would suggest.

Several factors come into play to make New Hampshire a unique state. A Gallup Poll from 2010 revealed that New Hampshire leads the nation in per capita alcohol consumption; on average, New Hampshire residents drink 6.7 gallons of wine and 3.8 gallons of liquor every year, nearly double national averages. One reason for such high alcohol consumption in New Hampshire is that the state imposes no taxes on the sale of alcohol.

Naturally, with such high numbers of drinkers in such a small state, New Hampshire has more than its share of people struggling with alcohol dependence. Modern medical science recognizes that alcohol addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, from casual social drinkers to heavy consumers.

Find the Best Alcohol Treatment Programs in New Hampshire

If you or someone you love is dependent on alcohol or is drinking too much, help is available in New Hampshire. Many New Hampshire rehab centers offer a full line of medically inspired treatment options, from medically supervised detox to aftercare support to prevent relapses.

The Farnum Center in Manchester, New Hampshire, is a good example of a full-service rehab center. At Farnum, patients detox under the supervision of medical professionals trained to recognize and treat serious withdrawal symptoms. Rehab specialists can then help you find the best therapeutic strategy for your recovery, from inpatient residential programs to outpatient group support.

Serenity Place is another excellent New Hampshire rehab facility. Located outside of scenic Manchester, Serenity offers outpatient sobriety maintenance programs focused on the core values of integrity, respect, compassion, inclusion, and collaboration to help patients successfully complete their recoveries.

Contact today for free information about professional alcohol treatment programs in New Hampshire.Phoenix House New Hampshire offers residential and outpatient alcohol treatment programs at various locations in the Granite State. The professionals at Phoenix House create a safe and respectful environment dedicated to their clients’ long-term recovery, from detox to aftercare counseling.

If you live in New Hampshire, don’t let a drinking problem destroy your future. Contact today for free information about professional alcohol treatment programs in New Hampshire.

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