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World famous for its exciting gaming industry and liberal marriage and divorce laws, Nevada is notorious as a party destination. Tourists from all over the world flock to the state to enjoy the casinos, restaurants, and entertainment venues. And with so many vices readily available, Nevada sees more than its fair share of people suffering from alcohol dependency.

In Las Vegas, known to many as “Sin City,” alcohol is often given away for free at casinos and hotels. For visitors and residents alike, alcohol is so ubiquitous that it’s often taken for granted. How can you tell if you are at risk of alcohol dependence? Signs and symptoms can vary between individuals, but these are some common signs of a drinking problem:

  • You can’t control your drinking
  • You need more alcohol to reach the same “feeling”
  • You feel sick, anxious, or shaky when you don’t or can’t drink
  • You spend significant time and money on drinking
  • You experience frequent blackouts (memory loss)
  • You’ve stopped seeing friends who do not drink
  • You keep drinking even though it hurts your job and home life

If you experience any or all of these problems, you may be dependent on alcohol. Whether you’re sure or not, you should seek professional advice and perhaps treatment.

Alcohol Treatment Programs in Nevada Can Help You Turn Your Life Around

Statistics on alcohol abuse are hard to come by because alcohol is such a big part of American culture. But the number of Nevada residents who show signs of alcohol abuse are only slightly higher than national averages. Excellent treatment options are available throughout Nevada.

Central Recovery Treatment in Las Vegas provides professional counseling services in a supportive environment, including extensive outpatient treatment services. For people looking for residential treatment programs, Nevada offers many options as well.

Community Triage Center has several locations in Nevada, including in Reno and Las Vegas. Here, patients can find safe, medically supervised detox in a hospital setting. After detox, the caring staff at Triage will customize the best therapy program to help you better understand the unique issues that cause your alcohol dependence. Triage also offers comprehensive aftercare services to help you stay sober long after rehab is over.

Contact today to learn more about quality alcohol treatment programs in Nevada.Vitality Unlimited is another excellent Nevada alcohol treatment center. Vitality’s 30-day residential programs are held at its scenic Elko, Nevada, location, where you can find traditional 12 step treatment plans as well as group and individual therapy, gender-specific programs, and complete aftercare programs.

If you live in Nevada with a drinking problem, now is the time to start your recovery. Contact today to learn more about quality alcohol treatment programs in Nevada.

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