Using Naltrexone To Treat Alcohol Abuse And Addiction

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Using Naltrexone To Treat Alcohol Abuse And Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a problem to which many people have fallen victim. Because of this, the treatment options for alcohol addiction continue to grow. If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, you are not alone and there are several treatment options available to you and your family. In addition to seeking treatment at rehab facilities or through counseling sessions, Naltrexone is a medication often prescribed to those who are hoping to overcome alcohol addiction.

Naltrexone is a medication used to treat victims of alcohol addiction by helping reduce cravings for alcohol and putting them on the path to a successful recovery. Essentially, Naltrexone blocks the effects that alcohol would normally have on a person, making drinking it less appealing and curbing the cravings that a victim of alcohol abuse might have on a day-to-day basis.

Benefits Of Naltrexone In Treating Alcohol Addiction

There are several benefits of using Naltrexone to treat alcohol addiction. Naltrexone is not addictive, nor is it a narcotic and it can greatly assist in treating someone who is suffering from alcohol addiction. Treating someone with addictive behaviors by using another drug can be risky, but because Naltrexone is not an addictive drug this is not a concern.

Naltrexone is an affordable drug, so many people suffering from addiction are able to access it without spending a ton of money to do so. Although there are side effects, they are minimal and most people do not experience any at all, as long as they are following the prescribed dosage.

This drug is also FDA approved and is safe to use with other medications. Those suffering from alcohol addiction do not need to detox before they begin taking Naltrexone, so treatment can start right away. Another benefit of Naltrexone is that it can also help with opiate addiction, one of the most severe addictions to have.

Naltrexone And Other Addiction Treatment

Naltrexone is a powerful aid in alcohol addiction but it is best paired with other forms of treatment. Because of the severity of alcohol addiction, it is important to seek out and follow through with other treatments in addition to taking Naltrexone. These other treatments might include entering a rehab facility or attending regular counseling sessions.

While Naltrexone use provides a great way of treating addiction, using both Naltrexone and rehab or therapy together, has proven even more successful. It is important, when facing any addiction, to know that you are not alone and to work out your problems with a professional. Naltrexone is believed to be extremely powerful in treating alcohol addiction but if there are underlying problems that lead to alcohol addiction to begin with, those issues will need to be faced in order to successfully overcome your addiction. Using Naltrexone to help overcome alcohol addiction is becoming more and more popular, especially accompanied with other forms of treatment.

The Sinclair Method

Using Naltrexone To Treat Alcohol Abuse And Addiction HourThe Sinclair Method of taking Naltrexone is a method that is becoming more widely known but is not often practiced in the United States yet. This method encourages victims of alcohol addiction to only take Naltrexone when they intend to drink. About an hour before drinking alcohol, Naltrexone should be taken in the prescribed dosage. This method is said to help those who suffer from addiction drink less than they normally would because Naltrexone blocks the effects that the alcohol normally has.

Because the effects of drinking alcohol are blocked, it makes drinking less appealing. Using the Sinclair method is said to slowly get someone suffering from alcohol addiction to no longer drink because it shifts appeal and craving, lessening both. This method is also favored by some because it is likely that there will be no signs of withdrawal if done properly.

While this method is practiced frequently and with success in Europe, doctors in the United States have been hesitant to formally utilize the method because it does not involve detoxing from alcohol before engaging in Naltrexone use. Instead, it encourages those addicted to alcohol to slowly ween off of it with the help of Naltrexone. Some doctors find Naltrexone to be even more effective when using the Sinclair Method because it puts the drug to work, blocking the effects that the alcohol has on your brain so your desire to drink is slowly decreased.

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Different Ways To Receive Naltrexone

Each person who suffers from alcohol addiction has a unique story and set of circumstances. Because of this, is important to determine the best way for you to use Naltrexone to help overcome addiction.

There are many different ways to go about using the medication. Working together with a professional will help determine the path you should take in this process. Naltrexone is normally taken by means of an oral tablet, but it is also offered as a monthly injection, a patch, or as an implant. Discussing your specific needs and concerns with your doctor will help you to decide which administration method will be best for you.

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Some doctors and rehab facilities recommend detoxing completely from alcohol before taking Naltrexone, while others think that taking Naltrexone while slowly weening off of alcohol is the best way to go. A professional can also help you determine the dosage that you will need, which will depend on your daily alcohol intake.

When being prescribed, you will also receive a recommendation of how long you should stay on the medication. While professionals may have different opinions on which way is best in using Naltrexone to treat alcohol addiction, most agree that using Naltrexone as well as going to regular counseling sessions or entering a rehab facility will be the most successful approach to overcoming addiction, as opposed to relying on Naltrexone alone.

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