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Mississippi Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol Treatment Programs in the Heart of Dixie: Mississippi

From the rich delta bottomlands to the sunny Gulf Coast, Mississippi is home to a diversifying economy and a productive population proud of its history and optimistic about its future. Traditionally an agricultural leader, Mississippi today features many manufacturing centers and a booming resort industry.

But like many states, Mississippi has its fair share of people suffering from alcohol abuse and dependence. In the USA as a whole, roughly 1 in 12 adults has an alcohol abuse problem, and although that figure is slightly lower in Mississippi, alcoholism takes a huge toll on the state. In recent years, rates of drunk driving and teen drinking have remained constant in the Magnolia State.

Suffering from a drinking problem need not be a death sentence. Modern rehabilitation science has made great advances in recent decades, and Mississippi residents now have more treatment options and alternative therapies than ever before. From comprehensive 12 Step programs to medical detox to cognitive behavioral therapies to outpatient support groups, alcohol treatment programs in Mississippi offer real hope for successful recovery.

Find a Wide Range of Alcohol Treatment Options in Mississippi

If you live in Mississippi and are looking for professional treatment for an alcohol problem, you can find excellent facilities that rely on a variety of proven rehab packages. Faith-based programs, gender-specific programs, 12 Step and non-12 Step programs, and residential programs that include supervised detox are all readily available in Mississippi.

Located on a quiet, park-like campus in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services provides comprehensive services to help patients recover their lives from alcohol dependency. Pine Grove’s motto, “One Place, Many Solutions,” is embodied in the excellent rehab services, including inpatient programs specifically for men, women, seniors, or adolescents.

COPAC is another excellent residential alcohol treatment center in Mississippi. Located outside Jackson in a secluded area away from the temptations of drinking, COPAC helps patients better understand the causes of their dependency in a caring, inpatient atmosphere. Most of COPAC’s treatment programs are gender specific, an arrangement many people find beneficial, allowing more focus on recovery.

Contact AlcoholTreatment.net for help in finding the right treatment program for your needs.In Moselle, Mississippi, Clearview Recovery Center helps men, women, and adolescents recover from alcohol dependency with extensive 30- and 90-day residential rehab programs that combine the best of 12 Step and cognitive behavioral therapy. A comprehensive aftercare program helps patients stay sober after rehab, when the danger of relapse is greatest.

You can find dozens of other fine alcohol treatment programs in Mississippi. Contact AlcoholTreatment.net for help in finding the right treatment program for your needs.

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