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Excessive alcohol consumption is the fourth leading cause of preventable death in the nation. Unfortunately, Michiganders are not immune to this self-destruction. Alcohol abuse contributed to more than 3,000 deaths from 2006 to 2010, costing the state billions of dollars.

While the Great Lakes State may not rank the highest for alcohol consumption, by no means is it a non-issue. In fact, the Midwest ranks second highest in binge drinking among adults 26 and older. Of course, alcoholism is a debilitating disease that can affect any age.

Luckily, Michigan’s rehabilitation centers offer anyone who suffers from alcohol addiction a chance to take control of their lives again with treatment options proven to achieve sobriety.

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Michigan residents can find help at a number of short-term and long-term rehab centers across the state. Dawn Farm in Ann Arbor, Michigan provides effective individualized solutions to alcohol addiction with a heavy emphasis on community. Long-term treatment is offered between 2 to 6 months, at two different settings. Addicts can either escape to serenity on a real working farm, or receive treatment amongst a smaller group in the comfort of downtown Ann Arbor.

The Spera Recovery Center offers a safe place for alcoholics to get better, with 24-hour services all year. Patients are introduced to the 12-step program and are encouraged to interact with the recovering community. Patients also leave with an aftercare plan, so that they do not spiral out of control upon release.

Another excellent rehab facility is located in a suburb about an hour northwest of Detroit. Brighton Center for Recovery in Brighton, Michigan offers inpatient and outpatient treatment, and a 24-hour detoxification program with an attentive staff watching for withdrawal symptoms. Brighton Center prides itself on its beautiful campus that sprawls over 92 acres of land, equipped with all the trimmings of a peaceful safe haven to make patients feel right at home. A children’s addiction program at Brighton Center is also available to help children aged 7 to 12 heal from the effects of alcoholism within their families.

Looking for a treatment center in the state of Michigan? Let us help you find one. Contact us today and begin anew.In the eastern region of Michigan, the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center features a blended therapeutic approach to substance prevention and treatment, using the philosophy of the 12-step program. Sacred Heart is also the largest provider of women specific services in the state. Located at the Clearview campus in Richmond, women undergo treatment among female counterparts. Sacred Heart also provides the opportunity for families to stay united during the healing process, and a safe personalized place for pregnant women to undergo therapy.

Looking for a treatment center in the state of Michigan? Let us help you find one. Contact us today and begin anew.

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