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Massachusetts Alcohol Recovery CentersThe Tragic Consequences of Alcohol Abuse in Massachusetts

When you begin to count the negative effects caused by drinking, it is a wonder that anyone consumes it. These range from traffic accidents, to unsafe sex, to chronic medical problems, to violent crimes. When the total cost of all these consequences was measured in 2010, it was estimated that underage drinking alone cost the state of Massachusetts $1.4 billion.

Massachusetts has historically struggled to control underage drinking with little evidence of success. A 2008 study revealed that the state had some of the highest instance of youth alcohol consumption found anywhere in the Northeast. Consider, also, that alcohol poisoning related deaths jumped from
18 in 2000 to 228 in 2008, a twelve-fold increase. The youths of the state are consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol with little concern for the consequences.

Revised state laws are blamed by many for the rise in alcohol-related social pathologies. Laws eliminating sales taxes on booze sold in certain stores mean that minors have to pay less than ever for a substance that can ruin their lives in an instant. Time will tell if state legislators are able to curb this alarming trend.

Break the Cycle: Find Treatment for Alcohol Abuse in Massachusetts

It doesn’t take a major disaster for alcohol to affect your life negatively. People who hold jobs, maintain families, and participate in their community can also be alcoholics. If you have tried to stop drinking and found it harder than you expected, seek out treatment from a qualified provider.

The Boston Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs offers counseling services to Boston residents struggling with alcohol addiction. Their program is specifically designed for clients with a DUI on their record. Programs last 16 weeks and include individualized counseling and sessions conducted by victims of drunk drivers. Adolescents and out of state offenders with a DUI can also receive assistance that meets court requirements.

To get free and confidential information about alcohol abuse treatment centers in Massachusetts, contact us today.In Foxboro, Massachusetts, the NORCAP Lodge offers residential and outpatient assistance to patients struggling with drinking. Admissions counselors are available 24 hours a day to conduct over the phone consultations and help callers facilitate the admissions process. Medically supervised detox is available followed by a comprehensive program of therapy and rehabilitation.

The Riverside Outpatient Center in Wakefield, Massachusetts offers counseling and driver education courses in cases where alcohol has made life unmanageable. Emergency services are available for those who require round-the-clock supervision. Completion of the D.U.I. education course satisfies the state mandated requirement for most offenders. Many who complete the course go on to seek out additional help from the center’s counselors in order to maintain their sobriety.

To get free and confidential information about alcohol abuse treatment centers in Massachusetts, contact us today.

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