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Maryland Alcohol Recovery CentersMaryland’s Unique Problem with Alcohol

It is rare that indicators of alcohol abuse are unusually high in one area and low in another. Typically, the negative effects of alcohol are so widespread and unavoidable that all indicators are elevated. Maryland, in particular Baltimore, reports just such a disparity. Despite having very high rates of alcohol-related mortality and hospital visits, the city has extremely low rates of alcohol-related arrests for offenses like drunk driving. In more rural areas, the results are flipped.

The exact reasons for this urban-rural split are complicated, and impossible to determine conclusively. But one thing is clear—in one form or another, alcohol is having a negative effect on the state, regardless of geographic location. The high rates of mortality also suggest that Baltimore residents are drinking themselves to death rather than seeking out help.

There is also evidence that underage drinking is a problem statewide. A 2011 study of youths in Maryland aged 12-20 revealed that 194,000 had consumed alcohol in the past 30 days, and 121,000 had engaged in binge drinking. When youths have a cavalier attitude about alcohol consumption, it can easily escalate into a serious drinking problem later in life.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Facilities in Maryland Can Change Your Life

Alcoholism can leave you feeling lonely and lost, but there are facilities throughout the state of Maryland that exist to support people just like you. Find one that can provide the levels of care you require, and begin walking the path to recovery.

Native Americans suffering from alcohol addiction can find dedicated support at Native American Lifelines in Baltimore. All treatment programs are designed with the specific patient in mind and take into account their unique cultural circumstances. They also provide a broader network of health advocacy services on behalf of native clients to support a healthy lifestyle long after getting sober.

Contact us to find the right alcohol treatment center for you today.Outpatient assistance in the Silver Spring area can be found at Journey to Self Understanding. Substance abuse counseling is offered alongside approaches to spiritual healing including yoga and meditation classes. Patients from all backgrounds are welcome, but the staff specializes in providing services unique to the needs of women.

In the Catonsville, Maryland area, patients struggling with alcohol abuse will find support at the Epoch Counseling Center. This is a division of the Friend’s Research Institute, an organization originally founded to improve the quality of mental health services throughout the state of Maryland. Any addict, regardless of age or gender, is eligible to receive counseling services. The center is also state certified to provide level 0.5 early intervention services to DUI offenders.

Improve your chances of getting and staying sober by seeking out the right resources. Contact us to find the right alcohol treatment center for you today.

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