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Maine Alcohol Recovery CentersThe Cost of Alcohol Abuse Is High and Climbing in Maine

A 2010 study on the effects of alcohol and drug abuse in Maine returned some sobering results. It was estimated that the total cost of substance abuse for state residents that year was $1.403 billion. That works out to $1,057 dollars for every person in the state. Even more alarming was the fact that these numbers represent a 56.2% increase since 2005.

Digging further into the study’s findings reveals the conflicted relationship the state has with alcohol. Substance abuse treatment was responsible for the smallest proportion of the total, representing just $47 million in costs. Mortality, on the other hand, cost the state $409.6 million. What is clear is that a number of Maine residents struggle to control their drinking but avoid getting treatment.

One bright spot is that the state has been able to reduce the instance of underage drinking. The number of residents between the ages of 12 and 20 that reported consuming alcohol in the previous 30 days declined between 2008 and 2010. Dependence on alcohol often develops early, and keeping booze out of the hands of minors has been shown to lower future addiction rates.

Start the Recovery Process at a Treatment Facility in Maine

Treatment for alcohol addiction typically comes in two forms: residential facilities that provide round-the-clock assistance, and outpatient facilities that provide counseling and long-term support. If you don’t know which option is right for you, contact a professional that can help you assess the severity of your problem.

Outpatient services for alcohol addiction are available from Wellspring in Bangor. Recovery begins with a treatment planning process guided by a qualified professional. Once the process is complete, the patient is connected with other community services that can help them stay sober. Specialized services are available for DUI offenders that have been ordered by the court to seek out help.

Also in Bangor, the Full Circle Wellness Center takes a holistic approach to addiction recovery. Their DEEP-certified counselors involve both the patient and the family in order to build a support network that can foster the long-term process of recovery. Treatment is also available for patients suffering from co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues.

If you need additional information about treatment options located in Maine, contact us today.In the Portland area, substance abuse assistance is available from Top of the Hill Counseling. Alcohol and drug treatment have been available since 1993, and they have operated as a state-licensed outpatient agency since 2005. In addition to on-site counseling, they provide referrals to state and community agencies that can help resolve the broader consequences of alcohol addiction.

If you need additional information about treatment options located in Maine, contact us today.

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