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Nevada Luxury Alcohol Recovery CentersAcross the country, more than 17 million United States residents are impacted by an alcohol abuse disorder, or alcohol addiction. They rely on this drug in order to get them through their day-to-day, sometimes sacrificing their jobs and their relationship with friends and even their family members along the way. Alcohol addiction can impact people of all demographics — including the wealthy and affluent members of society.

People who can afford top notch treatment often turn to luxury alcohol treatment recovery centers, because they offer them privacy and comfort while they work on overcoming their addiction. Considering only about 15 percent of alcohol addicts receive the treatment they need, it’s important for people to understand that there are a variety of qualified treatment facilities available for patients to choose from. Luxury facilities can make the idea of sobriety far less daunting.

Alcohol Addiction in Nevada

Home to the famed Sin City, Nevada battles the same societal problems with alcohol abuse as other states throughout the country. In 2007, 169,000 residents of Nevada reported that they were dependent on alcohol or that they abused the drug on a regular basis. Most of these people could be considered addicted to this drug, and of those, 163,000 people did not get the treatment that they needed in order to cure themselves from their addiction.

Alcohol addiction is not caused by one specific condition — in fact, the cause of alcohol addiction is quite complex and will vary from person to person. Because of this, patients should be aware that there is not one type of treatment that works for every patient. Patients should take time to evaluate their own personal needs and wants when choosing an alcohol treatment recovery center. As the median income in Nevada is about $47,600, some residents may decide that luxury alcohol treatment recovery centers are the best choice for them.

Choosing a Luxury Treatment Facility

Luxury alcohol treatment recovery centers are quite different from conventional recovery centers. While the treatment services are often similar and the goal of sobriety is the same, luxury facilities aim to increase comfort, privacy, and tranquility for the patients who are checked in at any given time. Patients who can afford to utilize a luxury treatment center will find that superior medical care is available from some of the best physicians and recovery specialists. In addition, they will receive premier therapy services from counselors and psychiatrists who can provide them with the personalized sessions that they need in order to understand the root cause of their addiction and move forward with sobriety. In addition to conventional medical treatment options, most luxury facilities also offer holistic care treatment options such as acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and herbal supplement therapy.

In addition to these treatment services, luxury facilities also offer a variety of resort-like amenities. When they are not attending group therapy sessions or working with a nutritional specialist, residents at luxury treatment centers will be able to enjoy spa treatments with a desert backdrop, swim in cool and refreshing pools, or even play a round of golf.

Nevada Luxury Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Mission Treatment Centers Inc. is located in Henderson, and it specializes in providing its patients with holistic treatment options in a luxury setting. Both male and female patients can seek solace in this facility, which also offers services for Spanish speaking patients. Keystone is a luxury treatment center in Reno which specializes in long-term residential treatment programs for men. Programs last anywhere from 60, 90, or 120 days. Male patients at this facility also benefit from the after-care treatment options that ensure a long-term commitment to sobriety.

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