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Montana Luxury Alcohol Recovery CentersOne of the least populated states in the nation is Montana. Throughout the plains and ranges of this majestic western state, there are thousands of people who are struggling with alcohol dependency or abuse. In fact, the 2006 State Estimates of Substance Use & Mental Health by SAMHSA states that 77,000 adults over age 12 in Montana have reported ongoing problems with alcohol. As a result, several alcohol rehabilitation centers have been established in this state. One such type of center is the luxury alcohol treatment recovery center. Here patients can access care that is geared at their current lifestyle and way of living.

Choosing Luxury Recovery Centers in Montana

Finding a luxury center in Montana for your alcohol addiction or abuse treatment can be a lifesaving experience. For those individuals who have a standard of living that is considered luxurious, being put into a sub par recovery program is often a disaster. In order to meet the specialized needs of those with high end interests and hobbies, luxury centers provide amenities and activities that correlate with luxury living. Some of these programs include golfing, equine therapy, acupuncture, art therapy, and music therapy. Luxury services available at private or exclusive centers in Montana include fine dining, high end accommodations, and amenities including beautiful settings.

Income Correlates with Alcohol Treatment in Montana

Among those living in Montana, the estimated annual income for a four-person family is $68,905. Therefore there is a desire to have alcohol treatment centers that offer programs for this higher level of living. Choosing a program that offers amenities and services that you are accustomed to with your daily lifestyle helps you to ease into the transition associated with recovery and treatment in the long term.

Montana Alcohol Recovery

At Montana Alcohol Recovery you will discover a holistic approach to treatment that focuses on a luxurious lifestyle. This program offers several specialized services including a program geared toward the LGBT community, as well as outdoor adventure therapies.


Patients who go to Rimrock for their recovery of alcohol dependence or abuse discover a wide variety of services for both adults and adolescents. Here patients have access to dozens of programs including art therapy, lectures, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a human sexuality series. Additionally the staff at Rimrock work with you for maintaining your recovery after treatment. Part of this service includes refusal skill training; employer and discharge conferences; and an aftercare program for inpatient clients.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center

The Rocky Mountain Treatment Center provides equine facilitated therapy for patients. This incorporates healing with horses as an added value program to those in treatment for alcohol. Additionally, patients can participate in nature therapy outdoors in the area of Great Falls, Montana. Here patients have the opportunity to heal themselves while surrounded with beautiful vistas. Some of the places visited by patients via the Rocky Mountain Treatment Center include Giant Springs Heritage State Park, First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park, and Freeze Out Lake.

Discover More about Recovery and Treatment in Montana

If you are looking for additional information or resources regarding the luxury treatment services offered in Montana, please contact AlcoholTreatment.netIf you are looking for additional information or resources regarding the luxury treatment services offered in Montana, please contact Here you will have access to resources for addressing alcohol abuse, as well as listings of luxury treatment centers in Montana.

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