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Mississippi Luxury Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol dependence can be a devastating disease. It can ruin people’s livelihoods, their ambition, their families, and more. Finding the right treatment and the strength to stay sober can mean the difference between successfully being able to navigate the future and watching everything slip away.

For many people, the mental image of rehab, however, brings them pictures of sterile, hospital environments where those working on their recovery are booked with dozens of strangers. There is another option. Luxury rehab centers offer more amenities and the comfort for patients to focus more on their recovery without compromising on their way of life.

What are luxury rehab centers?

Luxury rehab centers are sometimes described as resorts crossed with rehab centers, other times as specialized rehabs that offer patients with more amenities and comfort than other facilities. In general, a luxury rehab will work to provide patients with the comforts and activities that help them maintain a high standard of living while also offering high class detox help, medical care, and therapy.

Patients can often get involved in a number of different activities. Different centers might offer meditation, yoga, other form of physical fitness, and spiritual guidance, as well as pools, spas, and similar amenities. These types of rehabs are also often offered in secluded, restful areas where patients have the chance to reflect and focus on their recovery. Some luxury centers that specifically cater to the professional crowd may also offer connections to the outside world, such as internet, to allow these patients to face their illnesses and begin recovering without completely losing touch with their professional lives.

Alcohol dependence and luxury rehab in Mississippi

In 2011 and 2012, the median income in Mississippi was estimated to be $39,295, which is below the national average. There were, however, 225,000 households in 2009 who had an income of at least $75,000. Given the lower cost of living associated with the low median salary, these residents who earned the higher incomes will have a high quality of life, making them more likely to select more luxurious rehab accommodations.

Overall, the residents of the state show a number of negative alcohol behaviors. About 440,000 were estimated to have participated in binge alcohol use according to a survey in 2007, and 67,000 were estimated to have alcohol dependence and 148,000 alcohol dependence or abuse. According to the local government, the state ranks as one of the worst for alcohol-related behaviors when it comes to people driving under the influence and the deaths of underage drinkers. The state ranks 47th highest for the cost of underage drinking in 2001.

These numbers show the need for rehabilitation facilities by many in the state. Although the median income is lower than the national average, the state is home to a number of growing cities that would be home to potential drinkers with higher salaries. The state is also home to a number of rural, beautiful areas that are perfect for building luxury rehabs that might even cater to out of state patients.

Luxury rehab facilities in Mississippi

Pine Grove

Pine Grove has been successfully treating patients in 1984, including people from 49 different states and several foreign countries as well. The facility is in Hattiesburg, in the ‘rolling piney woods’ of southern Mississippi. Patients receive alcohol treatment in this quiet oasis with beautiful, spacious living areas, a pool, and a safe and secure environment.

Home of Grace

Right on the water of Bluff Creek in Vancleave, Mississippi, Home of Grace offers ample green space for reflection, private counseling rooms, media, sports, classes, and more to help patients make a full and complete recovery. The stay is typically three months, and patients work on develop personal work ethic and growing spiritually.

Region One Mental Health Center

This center in Clarksdale, Mississippi provides cutting edge treatment to help each patient successfully make a full recovery from addiction. They work to address the entire individual, including mind, body, and spirit. The center is in the heart of cotton country and provides a peaceful area where patients can begin their recovery.

Those interested in finding one for themselves or a loved one should contact AlcoholTreatment.net to begin their search.Where to find a luxury rehab center

There are many other rehab centers available to those facing alcohol dependence or addiction. Those interested in finding one for themselves or a loved one should contact AlcoholTreatment.net to begin their search.

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