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Louisiana Luxury Alcohol Recovery CentersIn the state that is best known for New Orleans’ Mardi Gras festival, it is clear that alcohol has a strong hold on Louisiana. As a result, there are dozens of alcohol recovery centers that are tailored to the diverse population of the state. One of those types of recovery centers is categorized as a luxury alcohol treatment recovery center.

What to Expect: Luxury Recovery Centers

When you enter a luxury treatment center the first thing you will notice is the increased opportunities for patients. Some centers offer an array of specialized services that benefit patients who have unlimited funds. For example, a luxury center might offer five star accommodations with prestigious chefs in the kitchen. Other luxury centers focus on high end programs, such as equine therapy, spa treatments, or golfing. A luxury recovery center makes sure that those patients interested in keeping with their current standard of living can do so while completing the therapy process for alcohol abuse or addiction.

How Income Correlates with Treatment in Louisiana

Finding a place to go to find treatment while keeping with your current level of comfort is important. It is directly correlated with the success of treatment for individuals with the means of lavish living. As the goal of any treatment program is a full and lasting recovery, you should consider a luxury treatment program in Louisiana. According to the 2006 State Estimates of Substance Use & Mental Health by SAMHSA 258,000 adults over age 12 in Louisiana have an ongoing issue with alcohol dependence and abuse. Clearly there is a need for treatment in this state. Additionally, the estimated yearly income of a family of four in Louisiana is $68,964. As a result, there are several luxurious treatment centers in Louisiana from which you can choose from for your treatment program.

New Life Retreat Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

At New Life Retreat Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, located outside of Baton Rouge, patients have the option of utilizing several specialized services. For example, New Life Retreat has a sauna detox program that is ideal for going through the detoxification process. Additionally, the retreat is located in a beautiful and scenic setting adding an ambiance to the program facilities.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

The Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center has more than 20 years of experience as a luxury treatment center. As a result of the outstanding service offered here, the center was voted as the Louisiana Addiction Service Provider of the Year. One of the specific services provided here is the professionals’ program. This is for professionals, such as lawyers or doctors, who need to receive treatment for alcohol abuse and addiction.


Townsend is a premier network of treatment centers found throughout Louisiana. Here patients follow the Townsend Way of treatment, which involves genetic testing, chronic disease management, and personalized programs for busy professionals.

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Contact AlcoholTreatment.net to learn more about treatment options that are available in Alabama.Discover more about how you can help yourself or someone in your life who is dealing with alcohol addiction or abuse. Learn more about the luxury centers for treatment in Louisiana, as well as resources for making the transition to treatment, by contacting AlcoholTreatment.net.

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