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California Luxury Alcohol Recovery CentersLuxury alcohol treatment recovery centers bridge the gap between traditional treatment and the need for a tranquil, peaceful and beautiful place to begin this new life. While conventional alcohol treatment recovery centers will provide patients with the basic treatment options and services that they need in order to become and stay sober, they are not always known for their comfort and beauty. In most cases, they provide patients exactly what they need — no more and no less. On the other hand, a luxury alcohol treatment recovery center is designed to give patients a beautiful, relaxing space to get through the recovery process. Many of these facilities seem more like four-star resorts than they do treatment centers for alcohol addiction. Those who can afford luxury treatment centers prefer these types of facilities, because it truly allows them to remove themselves from the rigors of daily life and commit completely to their sobriety.

The Need for Luxury Treatment Centers in California

California is known as a haven for celebrities and affluent people. The sun is nearly always shining in California, and you don’t have to drive far to find a spectacular beach. The warm days and balmy nights make it the perfect place for luxury alcohol treatment centers. While it may seem like a paradise of sorts, California also is battling with the issue of alcohol addiction in its society. Many people in this state abuse this drug and ultimately become dependent on it. According to 2007 data, 2.4 million people in California were dependent on alcohol or reported that they abused the drug. Of those, 2.3 million did not get the treatment that they needed in order to stay sober. This may have been because they did not accept the fact that they were addicted to alcohol, or it may have been because they did not feel the right treatment option was available.

While the median income for California is about $55,000 per year for the average family, this state is often known for its extreme divisions in wealth. There are many poor migrant families in California, and conversely, the mega-rich often find that this is the perfect place to call home. Many people can afford luxury treatment options in California, and even those who do not live in the state but can afford these opulent treatment facilities will travel to this state in order to complete their recovery. Luxury alcohol treatment facilities are desirable to patients who are battling addiction because they provide amenities such as golf, spas, pools, nature walks and horseback riding in addition to superior treatment options for addiction. Patients will find that luxury treatment centers offer privacy for their patients, giving them space to come to terms with their addiction and the time they need in order to figure out what their next step in life is. Most luxury treatment centers provide residential programs for patients as well as outpatient counseling services and aftercare treatment options.

California Luxury Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Sober Living By the Sea is a well-known alcohol treatment recovery center that provides luxury services for its patients. Based out of Newport Beach and offering ocean-front views, this facility provides short-term and long-term residential programs for male and female patients. It offers dual diagnosis services in addition to conventional treatment options. Passages is another luxury treatment center that patients can utilize in California. It is located in Malibu and provides residential programs that last for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days for its patients. At this facility, patients work with a team of experts in a gorgeous setting in order to battle their addiction.

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