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Alabama Luxury Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol addiction does not discriminate based on social class or economic status. A person in the upper-class who is used to a life of luxury can become addicted to alcohol as easily as a person who has always been a part of the lower, working class. Alcohol is a drug that is used by people of all ages, races and classes, and it is commonly abused in the most exquisite social settings. In many cases, people who have expensive tastes and money to spare often end up becoming addicted to alcohol simply because they can afford it. In Alabama, there were 240,000 residents who reported that they were dependent upon alcohol in the year 2007. For some patients in the higher-income brackets, the process of recovering can be made much more comfortable in a luxury alcohol treatment recovery center. There are several facilities that offer these elite services in Alabama.

What are Luxury Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers?

Luxury alcohol treatment recovery centers provide patients with the same types of treatment programs as conventional facilities, but they aim to do so in style. Patients who opt to receive treatment at a luxury facility often fall into a higher income bracket, and typically can afford to pay out-of-pocket for these excellent services. In most cases, a luxury facility will feel more like a retreat rather than a medical care institution. Most luxury facilities are inpatient treatment centers, allowing patients to check into their treatment program and stay for a specific period of time until they feel they can successfully fulfill their daily roles and obligations while staying sober.

Why Choose Luxury Facilities for Recovery?

Patients who choose luxury treatment facilities for their own recovery from alcohol addiction will find that they receive premium care during their stay. The median income of Alabama households in 2012 was about $42,000 per year, so luxury facilities are not necessarily the norm in this state. However, patients who earn high incomes will find that there are several facilities available that will meet their needs. At these centers, patients often have access to the best medical care professionals who will assist them through the detoxification and withdrawal process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the most well-known therapists and counselors are available in order to help patients understand the cause of their addiction and formulate a plan to move forward with sobriety as a top priority. Luxury facilities also are known for their aftercare addiction treatment services, where they follow up with patients in order to be sure that they are staying true to their commitment of being sober.

While many conventional treatment centers require residential program patients to stay with a roommate, luxury facilities also offer single-room options for patients who require privacy. Given the high-profile nature of many luxury recovery center patients, privacy can be a large concern. In addition to offering additional privacy options, luxury facilities also provide patients with extra features that will not be found at a conventional treatment center. Spas, swimming pools, scenic lookouts and nature paths are common in these centers, allowing patients to take the time they need in order to get fresh air, relax and reflect on their recovery and renewed commitment to sobriety.

Luxury Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Alabama

Birmingham offers 16 different recovery centers in the state, therefore some of the most luxurious centers in Alabama are located here. Aletheia House provides a wide variety of services for its patients, including separate facilities for men and women, residential inpatient treatment, outpatient counseling services and holistic care programs. Olivia’s House specializes in holistic residential treatment for women, including those who are pregnant or postpartum.

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If you want to spend your recovery in the most luxurious of accommodations, be sure to contact us at today.If you want to spend your recovery in the most luxurious of accommodations, be sure to contact us at today. We will help you find the best facility for your personal journey toward sobriety.

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