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Louisiana Alcohol Recovery CentersLouisiana Lives Up to Its Hard-Drinking Reputation

Louisiana is known as a place where people can go to get a little wild. No party can go on forever, though, and the state’s permissive blue laws contribute directly to high levels of alcohol abuse. According to available data, 8,655 traffic crashes in 2012 were caused by alcohol consumption. Louisiana also has rates of suicide and homicide that far exceed the national average. This suggests that the pernicious effects of alcohol have a widespread effect on state residents.

Louisiana law also includes some notable exceptions that make it easy, and even legal, for minors to consume alcohol. In certain settings under specific circumstances, a minor cannot be censored for possessing or consuming an alcoholic beverage. These loopholes, combined with the presence of Mardi Gras, mean that many young residents of Louisiana develop a dependence on alcohol at an early age.

State legislatures have attempted to curb the problem, but the state’s problems run deeper than the law. As long as Louisiana is known as a state where anything goes, problems related to alcohol abuse will affect drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

Treatment Options in Louisiana Come in Many Forms

Connecting the patient with the right treatment option is integral for long-term success. There are many choices available to you, no matter where you live or how severe your addiction has become. Make sure to consider the full scope of treatment options before you begin recovery.

Louisiana Health and Rehab Center in Baton Rouge provides a range of specialized services to support patients with unique needs. Originally serving just women, the center has expanded to provide services to men, adolescents, the elderly, LGBT patients, and alcoholics suffering from HIV/AIDS. Both residential and outpatient services are available depending on the needs of the patient.

In the New Orleans area, seek out help for alcohol addiction at Bridge House. Treatment is based on the concept that addiction is a disease requiring multiple stages of treatment. Programs are separated according to gender and involve four steps: stabilization, primary care, independent living, and aftercare. After undergoing a residential stay, recovering addicts have ongoing access to outpatient services.

Call To ActionPatients that need partial hospitalization or day treatment can find both at Acadiana Addiction Center in Lafayette, Louisiana. A course of medically monitored detox followed by a comprehensive battery of group and individualized therapy sessions is available to break the cycle of addiction once and for all. All treatment programs are based on the 12-step abstinence recovery model.

If you feel powerless to stop drinking, you are not alone. Contact us to find additional resources and treatment options.

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