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Treating alcohol addiction starts with recognizing the condition and taking steps to treat the underlying complications contributing to the situation. In Wyoming, the number of admissions into a treatment facility has increased by almost 50 percent when compared to the year 2000, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. According to SAMHSA, roughly 65 percent of all admissions into a treatment program throughout the state relate to alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction. Due to the rising rates of alcohol abuse in the state, individuals need a treatment program with the tools to help address long-term goals and start improving personal health.

What is Long-Term Alcohol Treatment?

Long-term alcohol treatment refers to any program with a long-term approach to the recovery process. In most programs, it means an individual focuses on treatment for at least 60 days. Generally, treatment facilities offer 60 to 90 days for treatment; however, some facilities also offer up to 120 days when necessary for the recovery process.

A long-term program does not necessarily mean the facility only offers residential care. Some programs offer long-term outpatient treatment programs, which allow individuals to continue their normal lifestyle and manage personal obligations while still treating alcohol abuse. The appropriate program for personal goals depends on the situation and the underlying factors contributing to an addiction. Generally, residential programs work well when an individual must address a co-occurring disorder or trauma contributing to the addiction.

Benefits of a Long-Term Treatment Plan

Advantages associated with a long-term treatment plan for alcohol abuse depend on the situation and the needs of the individual. Certain benefits impact most individuals and make it possible to identify a program with the right tools and options for long-term goals and concerns.

Common advantages or benefits associated with long-term treatment programs include:

  • A greater amount of time to focus on goals or concerns
  • More time spent identifying potential complications
  • Addressing problems like trauma or co-occurring disorders in a healthy manner
  • Learning valuable skills, like healthy nutrition or exercise habits
  • Developing healthy relationships with loved ones or new friends
  • Working on recovery at a personal pace
  • Adjusting a treatment plan as individuals accomplish skills or feel comfortable moving forward

A long-term treatment plan allows individuals to focus on their goals without rushing or taking unnecessary complications into their lives. It gives the treatment professionals time to identify potential complications with the recovery process and work on a realistic treatment plan. It also provides time to work on co-occurring disorders or trauma in a safe environment.

Facilities for Long-Term Treatment in Wyoming

The best long-term treatment program for alcohol abuse and addiction in Wyoming depends on personal goals and health. Generally, you want to compare different facilities based on your goals and the situation before starting treatment. By recognizing long-term programs, you have the opportunity to improve your situation.

Southwest Counseling Service is a long-term program with different treatment solutions based on the needs of individuals. It offers a 3 to 6 month program, a 12-month program and a women’s program. The women’s program allows women to bring children into the facility while they obtain treatment and it offers solutions for pregnant women. The other programs also address substance abuse and co-occurring disorders based on the needs of individuals.

Trinity Teen Solutions is a long-term residential program for teenaged girls. Since the program works with a religious group, it offers spiritual guidance as well as long-term treatment solutions. It also uses exercises, healthy nutrition, and counseling as part of the recovery process while removing teen girls from situations contributing to alcohol abuse.

Peak Wellness Center takes a long-term approach to recovery and offers outpatient treatment as well as personalized solutions for recovery. The program offers treatment in different facilities, so it offers a level of convenience when looking for long-term solutions. It also recognizes the importance of connections and relationships, so the facility provides group counseling and support groups when working on addiction recovery.

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