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Treating alcohol abuse impacts your relationships with loved ones and your ability to engage in a healthy lifestyle. When you focus on recovery and healthy habits, you improve your situation. In West Virginia, rates of admission into a long-term treatment program have reduced over a ten year period, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Unfortunately, around 40 percent of individuals in a treatment program abuse alcohol, says SAMHSA, and roughly 306,000 residents of West Virginia admit to binge drinking within a one month period. Of those who binge drink, more than 296,000 are adults over 18 years old, says SAMHSA. When you enter a long-term treatment program, you address substance abuse and factors contributing to alcohol abuse.

What is Long-Term Treatment?

Selecting a treatment program for alcohol abuse starts with identifying the right type of facility and plan of action. Long-term treatment programs refer to any facilities offering treatment for 2 to 12 months as needed by the individual. Usually, individuals seek treatment for 60 to 90 days, but many facilities provide longer treatment options when necessary for complicated situations or specific individual needs.

The duration of treatment is the only factor that determines whether a program offers long-term or short-term care. A long-term program can refer to outpatient treatments as well as inpatient facilities. Some programs also offer a combination of treatments and start as an inpatient treatment before transitioning into an outpatient program until an individuals feels comfortable with his or her lifestyle.

Benefits of a Treatment Program

The advantages associated with entering a long-term treatment program depend on the needs of an individual and their attempts to discontinue substance abuse in the past. While specific details and options depend on the needs of each person, certain advantages set long-term treatment programs apart as a useful way to focus on obtaining healthy goals.

The primary benefits of a long-term treatment program include:

  • Addressing the underlying causes of substance abuse and alcohol addiction
  • Identifying co-occurring disorders and treating any mental health concerns causing or contributing to the substance abuse
  • Improving personal relationships with loved ones
  • Developing strong support networks
  • Focusing on recovery for extended periods, which helps when individuals have relapsed in the past
  • Addressing potential trauma or similar complications

During treatment in a long-term program, professionals have time to try different treatment strategies and work out a personalized treatment plan. They also have time to adjust the plan as your behavior and interests change so you keep up with any changing needs. You learn different ways to handle stress, manage the symptoms associated with co-occurring disorders or even face a traumatic situation and learn to manage the situation.

Facilities in West Virginia

Treating an addiction to alcohol or regular alcohol abuse requires the right tools and treatment facility. While your specific needs impact the decision, you also want to have options available for long-term treatment concerns. In West Virginia, you have different options available to help with long-term goals.

Riverpark Hospital is a treatment program for all age groups. The facility accepts children, adolescents and adults with mental health disorders and substance use disorders, including alcohol addiction. As a medical program, it provides a supervised detox service and appropriate medical treatments to handle any complications with your physical health. The residential program allows individuals to stay as long as needed for their recovery.

The Prestera Center offers treatment at the Mattie V. Lee House in West Virginia. The program works with long-term and transitional goals for addiction recovery and provides residential and out-patient services to help with personal addiction recovery. The facility takes a long-term approach to recovery, so it offers different options based on your needs and situation.

The Huntington VA Medical Center provides long-term treatment for military veterans. Since alcohol abuse in a military veteran often relates to traumatic experiences and war injuries, the facility addresses complications associated with military service as well as the substance abuse. The facility also recognizes the unique concerns and needs of veterans or active-duty military members and provides appropriate solutions based on the goals of the individual.

Obtaining Treatment

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!Treating alcohol abuse in West Virginia requires the right treatment approach for your needs. By comparing your options and using the tools at AlcoholTreatment.net to learn more about the facilities available in the state, you improve your ability to find the right program for your specific goals. Contact us today to get started.

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