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Alcohol abuse harms personal health and relationships. Binge drinking, which means drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in a short period of time, injures the body and contributes to risky behaviors. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 1.5 million residents in Virginia older than 12 years old binge drink. Admissions into a treatment facility within the state have remained relatively stable, which suggests a stable rate of alcohol abuse when compared to other states. In Virginia, around 45 percent of individuals entering a treatment program abuse alcohol, says SAMHSA. When you or a loved one show signs of excessive alcohol use and abuse, seeking treatment in a long-term facility provides the tools to start adjusting your behavior and lifestyle.

What is Long-Term Treatment?

As the name suggests, long-term treatment programs refer to any facilities offering treatment for an extended period. Generally, it refers to a program offering 60 to 90 days of treatment, but it can also last for 6 to 12 months when necessary for the individual and their health.

While long-term programs often refer to residential or inpatient programs, it can also relate to outpatient programs with similar expectations for the duration of treatment or a long-term plan for recovery. The key factor that sets it apart from other programs is the duration of the treatment process.

Why Consider Long-Term Programs?

The reasons you want to enter a long-term treatment facility depend on your goals and situation. In many cases, the treatment program allows individuals to address underlying complications with their emotional and mental health. The facility also provides a longer period of time for basic treatment strategies, which increases the possibility of recovery by preventing access to a substance for an extended time.

Other benefits and reasons to consider a long-term treatment plan for alcohol abuse include:

  • Identifying underlying factors contributing to substance abuse
  • Treating problems like co-occurring disorders
  • Taking a long-term approach to the treatment plan
  • Working on recovery at a reasonable pace or according to personal preferences for the speed of treatment
  • Developing healthier relationships with loved ones, friends and others in the treatment program
  • Gaining new perspectives on the recovery process
  • Identifying appropriate treatment strategies for personal needs

Each person has different needs and goals when entering a treatment program. Depending on the factors contributing to an addiction to alcohol, the exact treatment strategies used in a facility vary. By taking a long-term approach to recovery, individuals focus on identifying and managing the reasons for alcohol abuse. It also provides time to adjust a treatment strategy when certain treatments do not work well for the individual.

Facilities in Virginia

Due to the individual nature of substance abuse and the wide array of factors contributing to the situation, the best facility for your situation varies. By recognizing long-term options available in Virginia, you have the ability to identify the right option for your goals and specific situation.

Inova provides treatment through their CATS program. The CATS program refers to the comprehensive addiction treatment services the facility offers based on the needs of an individual. While it does offer inpatient treatment for detoxification, it primarily focuses on addressing substance abuse through outpatient plans. The facility does take a long-term approach to recovery and develops a plan of action based on a personal schedule and the specific situation.

The Mount Regis Center offers residential and outpatient treatments based on personal needs and goals. The facility also provides detoxification services to start recovery in a safe environment. Since it provides in-patient and out-patient options, the facility develops a personalized plan based on the situation and the goals of the individual.

The Barry Robinson Center is a program designed for adolescents and children. Since it focuses on the needs of youths, it provides age-appropriate treatment in a safe environment. The residential program evaluates the needs of each individual, so the duration of treatment varies based on the child or adolescent.

Selecting a Program

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!The right program for long-term recovery from alcohol abuse depends on your goals and situation. To find the right treatment program in Virginia or to compare treatment options for long-term recovery, use the tools at AlcoholTreatment.net or contact us today.

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