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Texas is known as the Lone Star State, and there’s very little that can make you feel more alone in the world than being cut off from your loved ones, or from the world around you, by the haze of alcohol addiction. But even if you’ve been plagued with this issue for many years, you can still turn things around — and a long-term alcohol treatment program might be just what the doctor ordered.

When Is Long-term Treatment a Smart Choice?

Alcohol addiction destroys lives, but not right away. Recreational drinkers often follow a dangerous road through progressive dependency on alcohol without even realizing it until they finally reach full-blown addiction, in which the need for alcohol becomes more important even than their own safety or the other people in their life. If you have already reached this level, you need expert help in the form of professional addiction treatment. But an addiction that has been years in the making may take some time to defeat — which makes long-term alcohol treatment a safe, smart solution.

The Many Faces of Long-Term Alcohol Treatment

Long-term alcohol treatment is generally recommended when drinking has become an established facet of a person’s life. At this point it has gone beyond a means of self-medication or recreation to become an integral part of the daily routine. Such ingrained habits can be tough to break through in short-term rehab, as successful as that option may be for cases with shorter histories. It’s also highly recommended for individuals who have tried shorter rehab stints without lasting success.

Long-term alcohol treatment can take many different forms. Programs may extend from 60 to 120 or even 180 days, allowing the resident sufficient time to make and reinforce the incremental yet profound life changes required for successful recovery. Variations of long-term treatment can include specialized approaches, such as equine therapy (working with horses), outdoor or wilderness therapy, faith-based programs that incorporate religious beliefs into the treatment, and holistic programs that make use of multiple alternative therapeutic methods. There are also treatment programs aimed at specific genders, age groups, and other populations.

Texas-Sized Trouble

They say everything is bigger in Texas and the prevalence of worrying drinking habits certainly lives up to expectations. An astonishing 4.71 million Texans aged 12 or older reported binge drinking behaviors in the past month. Meanwhile, less than 307 per 100,000 residents in that age group were admitted to rehab centers for alcohol abuse — and only 2.7 percent of those admitted underwent long-term treatment. This would seem to indicate that there are a great many Texans who abuse alcohol as a way of life but aren’t getting the help they need to make permanent changes.

Long-Term Rehab Centers in Texas

If you’re ready to be one of the Texans who takes full advantage of the life-changing benefits long-term alcohol rehab has to offer, your home state has plenty of fine facilities to choose from. At least 45 cities provide long-term treatment options. Dallas has six such centers; of these, you might want to try Homeward Bound, Inc. Trinity Recovery Center, with its residential and live-in programs up of 120 days, 3-6 month extended stay programs and long-term sober living options. In the state’s capital, Austin Recovery, Inc. Family House offers long-term inpatient programs of 60, 90, or 120 days as well as extended stay facilities; its Long-Term Alcohol Recovery Center provides a variety of behavioral and psychological therapy services. Coastal Bend Alcohol/Drug Rehab Center DBA Charlie’s Place provides wilderness and equine alcohol addiction therapy in addition to its long-term alcohol treatment programs. The Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans, Inc./Casa Phoenix Residential Youth Treatment in Houston offers long-term residential and live-in alcohol treatment, as well as programs focusing on alcohol rehab for teens.

Long-term Treatment for a Longer, Happier Life

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!If you’re ready to say a goodbye to your longstanding alcohol issues, do yourself an enormous favor by taking the first step toward changing your life. Contact AlcoholTreatnent.net to get help finding the ideal facility and long-term alcohol treatment program for your specific needs and location.

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