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Alcohol abuse impacts the lives of individuals each year. In Tennessee, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that well over 2,000,000 teenagers use alcohol in a single month and similar rates of alcohol use among adults under 26 occur throughout the state. According to SAMHSA, almost 50 percent of young individuals entering treatment programs in the state account for alcohol abuse and addiction. By treating the underlying complications associated with alcohol addiction, individuals have a higher rate of success when moving forward into a healthy lifestyle.

What is Long-Term Alcohol Treatment?

Long-term alcohol treatment programs refer to any facilities or treatment plans that take a long-term approach to the recovery process. Essentially, it is a longer time period for treatment when compared to a short-term option. Generally, short-term programs provide treatment for 28 to 35 days. A long-term program usually offers treatment for 60 days or longer as needed by the individual. Some programs allow individuals to stay in treatment for 120 days when they need more help for alcohol abuse.

The primary advantage of a long-term program is the focus on recovery. It is not usually the first choice for treatment because of the long-term commitment to treatment, but it does help when individuals face complications with the recovery process or have attempted to stop abusing alcohol in the past and relapse on the substance.

Other advantages of the treatment program include:

  • Confidence in the recovery process
  • Incorporating a variety of treatment options based on personal needs
  • Focus on co-occurring disorders or complications with the recovery process
  • Getting help during hard or stressful times
  • Learning healthier ways to handle potential complications or factors contributing to alcohol abuse

A long-term program allows individuals to stay on course when they face challenges in their life or to focus on recovery in a safe environment until they feel comfortable moving forward with their normal activities and interactions. It also provides long-term support and after-care solutions to further improve recovery results.

How Long-Term Programs Help with Addiction

The primary way a long-term treatment program helps with alcohol addiction is the focus on recovery. A treatment professional develops a personalized plan of action based on the underlying factors contributing to addiction. Over time, the treatment program adapts and adjusts based on the recovery and needs of the individual.

Although adaptability plays a key role in the treatment program, a long-term plan also recognizes the potential for relapse after leaving a program. It provides a longer time period without alcohol to reduce the risk of a relapse shortly after treatment. By following up with aftercare and maintaining healthy relationships after the treatment program, individuals improve their recovery results and see a positive change in their lifestyle. It also provides enough time to learn healthy behaviors, develop healthy habits, and address underlying factors contributing to the alcohol abuse.

Facilities in Tennessee

Tennessee offers a variety of treatment programs for alcohol abuse and co-occurring disorders. By focusing on programs offering long-term solutions and treatment options, individuals address their addiction and start working on realistic goals.

The Ranch is a long-term treatment program offering cognitive therapy and similar treatments to address complications associated with addiction and alcohol abuse. It specializes in co-occurring disorders and trauma recovery as well as the treatment for alcohol abuse, so it helps when individuals need assistance with a mental health disorder as part of the recovery process.

English Mountain Recovery is a residential program with short- and long-term treatment options. It primarily follows a 12-step process, but also incorporates equine therapy and creative arts to address complications like trauma or co-occurring disorders.

Discovery Place is a long-term program with different levels of care based on the needs of each individual. The facility offers 60 and 90 day programs. It also provides exercise programs and takes a holistic approach to the recovery process by addressing complications associated with alcohol abuse.

Seeking Treatment for Recovery

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!Treating an addiction to alcohol in Tennessee provides an opportunity to improve your lifestyle and health. By contacting us at AlcoholTreatment.net and comparing your treatment options, you find the right facility to address your substance abuse and any complications associated with alcohol.

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