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In South Dakota, the entire state population is fewer than Rhode Island, the nation’s smallest state. Meanwhile South Dakota is the 17th largest state by size. This leaves a large number of the state covered in rural, even remote, territories. Towns the size of 50 residents are not an uncommon sight. Meanwhile, alcohol sales are permitted throughout the small towns, where bars often outnumber churches. As a result, the numbers for alcohol use are staggering. While there are approximately 850,000 residents of all ages in South Dakota, 181,000 reported binge alcohol use in the past month in 2012 and 2013. That is approximately a quarter of the population, and considering only adults ages 12 and over make up the 181,000, that is significant. Another issue that South Dakota faces is the large number of Indian reservations that are scarred by alcoholism. While alcohol purchases are illegal on reservations, residents from the Rez can easily drive to a bordering town to buy booze. Furthermore, among the individuals who are binge drinking in the past month, only 2,068 were admitted to rehab for alcohol in 2011. Only 10.7 percent went to long term treatment in 2010. That is a small portion of those who could benefit from long term residential treatment.

Benefits of Long Term Treatment Programs

Long term alcohol treatment centers provide a few different options for treatment. While typically these programs are inpatient, housing patients with others in order to provide 24/7 treatment, some options are outpatient. For example, if you choose to go to the 12 Step Program via Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), then you would be attending a long term outpatient program. Inpatient, residential treatments also extend through the recovery period. For instance, sober living and halfway houses provide an partial inpatient service by allowing patients to work while living with others in recovery. As you search for long term alcohol treatment centers in South Dakota, you’ll need a resource to get you started. Here are a few of the most notable treatment centers in the Mount Rushmore state.

Behavior Management Systems

Serving the West River portion of the state, Behavior Management Systems is located in the Black Hills in Rapid City. Here the programs include intensive treatment along with residential counseling. Residential treatment is available at Full Circle, where only pregnant women and mothers with young children are accepted. Children up to eight are allowed to stay with their mothers during the treatment process. However, child services are also used for mothers who are unable to care for their children during the treatment process, for whatever reason.

Indian Health Service

As a part of the Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives, the Indian Health Service offers referrals and access to long term alcohol treatment facilities. The way medical treatment works through the IHS is via satellite clinics and mobile facilities. Given the widespread problem of alcoholism and abuse, the IHS has created a network of long term treatment services for those living on reservations. Through the IHS you can find clinics and facilities within the reservation of your tribe along with the schedule of when these services will be in your community.

Glory House

In the East River part of the state, the Glory House provides a faith-based alternative treatment option. Located in Sioux Falls, the Glory House is a residential treatment facility that offers long term care through sober living, followed up with a halfway house for aftercare. Men and women can get into Glory House, and detoxification from alcohol is part of the program. Those patients who need Indian native treatment or dual diagnosis treatment will find what they need at Glory House.

Getting Treatment for Alcohol Dependency in South Dakota

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!Throughout the state of South Dakota there are several notable treatment facilities providing long term care for alcohol abuse. To ensure you are selecting the best treatment center for your long term needs, let AlcoholTreatment.net help guide the way. We have compiled and reviewed all of the applicable long term alcohol treatment centers in South Dakota. Use our free resources to help you in your search for a treatment program. Contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today to discover the many tools that we have to offer you.

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