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Alcohol addiction can present itself in many different ways. Typically, people will showcase the signs of alcohol abuse before they begin to show symptoms of addiction. Signs of alcohol abuse include becoming violent while drinking, drinking alcohol in risky situations and experiencing blackouts. People who binge drink also are at a greater risk of becoming addicted, and in 2012 and 2013, about 902,000 people in South Carolina admitted to binge drinking at least once during a 30-day period. Signs of addiction are often more severe, and can include drinking in the morning, remaining drunk for significant periods of time, feeling guilty or ashamed of drinking, and physical changes such as stomach aches and weight loss. Any person who is addicted to alcohol will benefit from treatment at a rehab center, but long-term treatment is often the ideal option for those who are dependent on alcohol. Long-term treatment provides patients with the structure and support that they need to completely recover from their addiction.

Types of Long-Term Treatment Programs

Long-term treatment is available at a variety of different types of treatment centers, including both inpatient and outpatient facilities. Programs last for longer than 30 days, and can last for a year. Patients should evaluate their own needs as well as their level of addiction before they choose a facility that is right for them. At inpatient treatment centers, patients will reside at the facility for an established period of time while receiving medical care and counseling. At an outpatient treatment center, patients begin a counseling schedule that includes both individual and group sessions. Holistic treatment also is available in many long-term treatment plans, allowing patients to take advantage of all-natural treatment options.

Benefits of Long-Term Recovery Plans

Long-term treatment has long been considered the best option for those who are suffering from an addiction to alcohol. Studies have shown that these extended programs provide people with the greatest chance of success in the years to come.

One major benefit of long-term treatment programs is that these treatment plans provide patients with a structure that they need during recovery. Whether a patient selects an inpatient or outpatient treatment center, they will begin a schedule that requires them to attend meetings, meet with medical professionals and seek counseling. Structure provides them with consistency.

In addition, these programs offer patients a new community where they can learn, grow and be accepted. They will discover other people who have gone through the same struggles with addiction, and they will provide each other with support as they achieve sobriety. Patients can focus on what is important in life, and learn to make decisions that do not involve alcohol.

Addiction in South Carolina

Like many other states across the country, the majority of those who are admitted to treatment centers in South Carolina are battling an addiction to alcohol. In 2011, just more than 40 percent of people admitted to treatment centers were addicted to alcohol. This was a drop from recent years, where the total was as high as 60 percent. For example, in 2010, about 27,800 people in South Carolina were admitted to treatment centers. Of those, about 1.1 percent chose long-term treatment programs.

South Carolina Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Centers

South Carolina is home to many alcohol recovery centers that offer long-term treatment options. Sumter Behavioral Health Services, which is located in Sumter, offers long-term programs that last for 3-6 months. It offers inpatient, outpatient and holistic treatment programs for patients. The Charleston Center of Charleston County also provides inpatient and outpatient long-term recovery programs. Patients can receive detoxification care, and they also can incorporate holistic treatment options into their recovery plan. Morris Village is an inpatient treatment center in Columbia. It offers long-term care for its patients who reside at its facility.

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