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When you or a loved one abuse alcohol, it impacts the entire family. The alcohol abuse leads to health concerns, complications with personal relationships and problems within your household. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 530,000 residents of Rhode Island admit to binge drinking within a one month period and rates of entry into a long-term treatment program remain relatively high throughout the state. SAMHSA states that roughly 40 percent if individuals in addiction treatment programs abuse alcohol and seek treatment to address alcohol addiction. By recognizing the right treatment programs for your goals, you have the tools to focus on your recovery plans.

What is a Long-Term Treatment Plan?

As the name implies, a long-term treatment plan refers to any program requiring more than 28 to 35 days for treatment and recovery. Most programs last for 60 to 90 days, but many facilities also offer treatment solutions for 6 to 12 months when necessary. In a long-term program, the duration of treatment usually depends on your specific needs and the situation.

Programs for long-term care and recovery range from outpatient to residential treatment solutions. An outpatient program offers more flexibility in relation to your job and personal obligations because it works around your schedule. The treatment plan depends on your needs, but out-patient programs allow you to continue your normal lifestyle while addressing alcohol abuse.

Residential (inpatient) programs require individuals to stay in the facility for the duration of treatment. Since the facility specifically focuses on recovery, it provides a strict treatment plan. You do not leave the facility during initial treatment and many programs transition individuals into outpatient programs after completing the residential treatment plan to help with challenges outside the facility.

How the Program Benefits You

Specific advantages and benefits of any treatment program depend on your situation. Generally, a long-term program benefits individuals by providing care and services for a long period of time. It also allows individuals to focus on their goals without distractions when working with a residential facility.

Other benefits associated with long-term treatment plans include:

  • Finding and treating mental health disorders or co-occurring disorders
  • Identifying physical ailments contributing to the addiction
  • Addressing nutritional concerns associated with alcohol abuse, such as nutrient deficiencies
  • Improving physical and emotional well-being
  • Addressing traumatic situations and related complications associated with trauma
  • Focusing on recovery without distractions
  • Providing the tools to avoid alcohol abuse in the future
  • Developing and building healthy relationships and a strong network
  • Rebuilding relationships with family members

Alcohol abuse impacts your relationships with loved ones and your health. By treating an addiction in a long-term program, you address the underlying complications and you build up a strong network to assist with your goals. Support from loved ones and treatment from professionals helps you accomplish your goals for recovery.

Facilities for Long-Term Treatment in Rhode Island

When you decide to enter a long-term treatment program in Rhode Island, you start working on your goals. The best facilities depend on your situation, but having options in mind allows you to compare the different programs and strategies available in your local area.

The Providence Center is a long-term treatment program with residential and outpatient treatment options. The program also offers gender-specific treatments for women. The facility develops a personalized treatment plan, so the duration of treatment varies between individuals.

The Phoenix House offers treatment in Rhode Island for alcohol abuse and co-occurring disorders. The facility provides residential inpatient and outpatient treatment based on the assessment of individuals and their needs. By using a comprehensive treatment plan, the program allows individuals to identify and focus on their goals and situation.

Caritas offers different treatment programs for the needs of adolescents and women. It offers long-term residential treatments in different locations for adolescent boys, adolescent girls, and women. Since it provides gender-specific treatment, it addresses specific concerns associated with the needs of women. It also recognizes the possible complications associated with youth in the adolescent programs. The duration of treatment depends on the individual and the facility offers long-term care when necessary for recovery.

Comparing Your Options

Contact Alcoholtreatment.netThe right treatment program for your recovery goals in Rhode Island depend on the situation. Contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net to compare your options and learn more about treatment facilities in your local area.

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