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Alcohol addiction is a complex illness that is not caused by one single factor. One person may end up addicted to alcohol because they are genetically predisposed to the condition and they made poor choices throughout their lifetime. Another person become addicted because they used alcohol as a way to treat their own anxiety and depression, and became dependent upon the drug in order to feel good. Many people who are addicted to alcohol can benefit from long-term treatment centers, which provide people with extended treatment programs designed to offer support, medical care and counseling services.

Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Programs

Long-term alcohol treatment programs are designed for patients who need continuous support during their recovery journeys. While most people associate long-term care with residential treatment centers, it’s important to note that there are many long-term recovery programs available at outpatient counseling facilities. Long-term care is defined as a recovery program that lasts for longer than 30 days, but typically takes between 3 months and one year to complete.

There are many benefits to choosing a long-term treatment program. Recovery experts tend to agree that longer treatment programs provide patients with a greater chance of success at maintaining their sobriety. This can be due to the fact that people take the time they need in order to uncover the root cause of their addiction and treat the mental, physical and emotional scars of addiction. Through extended counseling programs, patients are able to relax, feel safe and discover more about themselves while they develop a personal relationship with their counselor. Group meetings provide patients with a secure place to discuss their own experiences, while enjoying the support of others who have been on similar journeys. Physical care and prescription medications provide patients with relief of the physical symptoms of addiction, and help patients to eat and sleep better.

Long-term programs are recommended for anyone who is suffering from an addiction to alcohol, but they are particularly beneficial for those who have a severe addiction or who have relapsed in the past.

Alcohol Addiction and Treatment in Pennsylvania

Throughout Pennsylvania, many people suffer from addiction, and they seek treatment in order to achieve sobriety. Most people who seek treatment for a substance abuse disorder in Pennsylvania are hoping to overcome an addiction to alcohol. In 2011, about 40 percent of people who were admitted to treatment centers were battling an alcohol addiction. In 2010, more than 58,000 Pennsylvania residents were admitted to treatment centers, and 8.8 percent of those patients were receiving care at a long-term facility. At a long-term treatment center, patients will work with recovery specialists in order to understand the cause of their addiction and to learn how to overcome their addiction while in social settings. Binge drinking, for example, is one of the leading causes of addiction. During a 30-day period in 2012 and 2013, about 2.7 million people over the age of 12 admitted to binge drinking in Pennsylvania. Those who binge drink on a regular basis may want to consider a long-term treatment program.

Pennsylvania Alcohol Treatment Centers with Long-Term Programs

There are many long-term treatment facilities throughout the state of Pennsylvania. In Harrisburg, the Daystar Center for Spiritual Recovery provides long-term treatment that lasts for 3-6 months. Patients can also receive holistic treatment while they are recovering at this facility. Cove Forge Renewal Center at Johnstown is a rehab center that offers long-term treatment for its patients. Not only do patients benefit from holistic treatment options, but they also offer sober living facilities that provide extra support after treatment has been completed. Family House Now is an alcohol treatment center in Philadelphia that specializes in long-term care. It also is a dual diagnosis facility, treating patients who have co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders.

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