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When 88,000 Americans die each year of causes related to alcohol, it becomes clear that there is a problem. Millions of people suffer from alcohol use disorders in the U.S., and Oregon follows the national trend. Fortunately, there are all kinds of treatment centers across Oregon to help you eliminate your alcohol dependence and get sober for good.

When Would I Need Long-Term Treatment?

The road to recovery is unique for each person. Some people only require a short course of treatment and they will never go back to drinking. Others, especially those who drink more or who have been drinking for many years, may need a longer stint in treatment for it to succeed. The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends that any treatment program last at least three months. If treatment is too short for a person’s needs, they may return to drinking and need treatment a second time.

Alcohol abuse is a significant concern. In many states, alcohol use disorders far outstrip drug use. For example, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration notes that the majority of Oregon residents who are admitted to rehab for drug or alcohol abuse do so primarily for alcohol. Marijuana and methamphetamines are less than half as likely to be the primary cause.

Sometimes, it is hard to tell when your drinking is acceptable or that you have developed dependence upon it. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism defines moderate drinking as two drinks a day or less for men, and one drink per day or less for women. Regularly exceeding this standard may mean that a person engages in heavy drinking. However, you do not have to drink every day to have an alcohol use disorder. Binge drinking is a common behavior nationwide, classified by the NIAAA as five or more drinks in one day for men, and four or more for women. At the state level, 717,000 Oregonians report experience with binge drinking in the past month. If you find that you binge drink on a regular basis, you may also need the services of a long-term treatment program.

How is Long-Term Treatment Different?

Alcohol treatment may seem like it is one period of rehab and then you are done. However, most treatment for alcohol use disorders occurs in several phases over the course of months or even a year. There are many different options available, including outpatient and inpatient. Your doctor will recommend specific types of programs designed to meet your requirements, but you also have a great deal of choice. If outpatient care is ideal for you, you can select from complete outpatient programs, intensive outpatient therapy, day treatment, and more.

Should you need inpatient rehab, you may stay there for a short time before transitioning somewhere else, or you may remain in rehab for several months. When you are discharged, many rehab facilities offer halfway houses to help you maintain your sobriety while you start to move back into your regular life. You might be surprised by the options in your area. Of the 47,000 Oregonians age 12 and up who are admitted for drug or alcohol treatment, over 10 percent go straight to long-term treatment. By comparison, about 62 percent complete all of their treatment as an outpatient arrangement, even if the program is long-term.

Are There Long-Term Treatment Centers in Oregon?

Within the various facilities in the state of Oregon, you can find different approaches to treatment. Not all of them adhere to the traditional 12-step program. Others focus on holistic treatments, such as mind-body therapy, arts, exercise, yoga, and more. The DePaul Treatment Centers in Portland offer partial hospitalization programs, extended-stay treatment facilities, and at-home therapy. LifeWorks NW, also in Portland, presents long-term treatment options, including holistic or alternative therapies. Bridgeway Recovery in Salem provides 12-step programming, intensive outpatient services, and access to sober living facilities after rehab. The Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation in Pendleton features treatment ranging from at-home outpatient therapy to rehab lasting 3-6 months.

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