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Alcohol abuse can have a very damaging impact on patients and their loved ones. Finding the right treatment is the key to helping patients move forward and improve their quality of life. Patients must first, however, determine the type of care that will be best for them and their needs.

For many substance abuse patients, long-term rehab can be the best type of treatment available. When patients are in long-term treatment, they will receive the care they need throughout their recovery journey. For those struggling to overcome substance abuse, they must often make massive changes in their lifestyle and coping mechanisms to be able to successfully recover. When they go through long-term treatment, patients will have a helpful community of peers and professionals to support them as they go through the various changes, including finding new friends, learning how to deal with stress in healthy ways and otherwise reclaiming their lives and their health.

There are also a variety of different types of long-term treatment available for patients. There are a number of rehabs that take a holistic approach, which means that they focus on helping to heal the entire patient. There will often be a number of different therapies, such as art therapy or horseback riding, which will help them heal physically, psychologically and spiritually. There are also therapies that incorporate treatments such as wilderness therapy or faith-based therapy, which can help patients also progress in their recovery while incorporating values that matter most to them.

The importance of long-term treatment in North Carolina

Patients in North Carolina continue to struggle with alcohol abuse and dependence. An estimated 1,614,000 people over the age of 12 in the state admitted to binge drinking within the past month in 2012 and 2013. Alcohol abuse problems also comprised more than 40 percent of the rehab admissions in 2011. An estimated 2.2 percent of the admissions in North Carolina are also to long-term treatment.

Long-term alcohol treatment centers in North Carolina

There are a variety of long-term treatment centers available to patients in North Carolina. Here are a few to help patients and their loved ones begin their search.

Caring Services

Caring Services offers patients a few different residential options for those going through their treatment programs. There are 11 different locations, which are all offered within a mile of the main treatment center. Patients can remain in the residential housing for up to 24 months during their treatment and then while preparing to transition to independent living. Patients will receive counseling and help through substance abuse treatment, individual counseling and life skills classes. Those who are in need of necessities such as food or clean clothing will also have access to these resources.


RHCC offers a variety of different locations throughout the state with treatment centers for men and women. The men’s facility offers 9 beds and uses 12 Step Support as the basis for helping patients overcome their substance abuse problems. Patients generally stay for about 90 days. There are also a number of women’s facilities, with the majority of them being geared towards helping women struggling to overcome their substance abuse disorders while also providing a stable, healthy environment for their children.

Hebron Colony/Grace Home

Hebron Colony is a Christian-based treatment facility that accepts patients from all faiths. The program offered is generally about 10 weeks long. Patients are encouraged to form deep and long-lasting relationships with their fellow patients. They will receive one-on-one counseling sessions, Bible studies and various team-building exercises. The care is centered around rejuvenating patients in their mind, body, and soul. Patients are guided towards living a balanced life and are encouraged to leave the world behind them in the peaceful setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Those interested in learning more

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!When a patient or their loved ones realize that they need help for their alcohol abuse, it can be overwhelming, particularly with the large amount of information available about treatment options and centers. Those interested in learning more about the available resources should contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net. We are dedicated to helping patients and their loved ones better understand their options so they can make the best treatment decisions to meet their needs.

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