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There are many different signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction, but the first warning sign is one that is often overlooked. The initial symptom of alcohol abuse and addiction is simply tolerance — a person who drinks excessively will soon become tolerant of alcohol, and will need to drink more and more in order to become inebriated. Following tolerance are additional symptoms, such as withdrawal when a person does not drink frequently enough or an inability to control behavior while drinking. It’s important to note that treatment at a qualified recovery center is the only way to completely overcome an addiction and lead a sober life. Many people benefit from long-term treatment programs, which provide extended care and support for individual patients.

Benefits of Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Programs

Long-term alcohol treatment programs are defined as any treatment service that lasts for more than 30 days. Long-term treatment is available at both outpatient counseling centers as well as inpatient treatment facilities. The average duration of a long-term treatment program is between 3 months and 12 months. Many recovery experts believe that this is the best option for anyone suffering from an addiction to alcohol, as it provides extended support during the first tumultuous months of recovery. Patients who enroll in a long-term program are able to rest their bodies, relax their minds and rejuvenate their spirits as they begin their journey toward sobriety.

Types of Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Programs

There are several different types of long-term treatment programs available. Outpatient counseling programs provide patients with a chance to work directly with a certified counselor who will help them uncover the root cause of their addiction. It can take many months to fully understand the source of addiction, which is why long-term counseling is recommended. In addition, patients will participate in group meetings and many continue to attend these meetings long after they complete their initial treatment program.

Residential treatment programs that last for more than 30 days are considered to be long-term recovery programs. At these facilities, patients will receive medical care during the detoxification process and they will have a safe place to stay while they recover. They work with recovery specialists, counselors and others who will help them on their journey. These facilities are recommended to those who have a severe addiction to alcohol, or those who have relapsed after completing an initial recovery program.

Many patients find that specialized treatment centers better fit their own individual needs and desires. Faith-based treatment centers, for example, often have long-term treatment programs available for patients. These treatment centers provide traditional treatment options while focusing on spiritual healing as well. Prayer services, study groups and pastoral care often are available at these facilities.

Alcohol Addiction in New Mexico

In New Mexico, alcohol addiction is the primary reason that people seek treatment at a substance abuse recovery facility. In 2011, more than 60 percent of people admitted to a substance abuse treatment center were seeking treatment for an alcohol addiction. About 7,300 people were admitted to New Mexico treatment facilities in 2010, and about 1.8 percent of those patients sought care at long-term centers. Long-term treatment centers are ideal for those who are unable to control their alcohol consumption, or those who binge drink on a regular basis. In New Mexico, approximately 417,000 people over the age of 12 admitted to binge drinking at least once during a 30-day period in 2012 and 2013. This startling statistic proves that long-term treatment is necessary in order to completely overcome addiction.

New Mexico Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Centers

There are several long-term treatment centers throughout New Mexico. In Las Cruces, the Family and Youth Inc. Stepping Stones Program offers long-term treatment. It is a residential treatment program that specializes in dual diagnosis care and holistic treatment. Carlsbad Mental Health Associates Crossroads provides treatment programs that last for 3-6 months. It also offers dual diagnosis treatment services. In Albuquerque, Crossroads Mayas Place specializes in holistic treatment and long-term recovery programs. There also are aftercare programs available.

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