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When patients struggle with alcohol abuse, it can impact nearly every aspect of their lives. They might find their relationships with their family and friends beginning to suffer, their work performance might be poor and their health may degrade. Finding the right treatment can help these patients get their lives back on track and improve their quality of life. For many patients, long-term treatment will be the best choice for them to begin the process of recovery.

Understanding Long-Term Treatment

Patients in long-term treatment will receive care for a more substantial period than short-term care. This care can often stretch on for several months. Patients in long-term treatment receive care and support through therapy to help them adjust to the number of differences that come with a life without alcohol. Patients who abuse alcohol will often use this substance to help them cope with stress or to relax. They may also have social networks and participate in activities that revolve around drinking. Those attempting to improve their health will have to learn how to change all of these aspects of their lives so they can continue on their path towards sobriety. Long-term treatment means that patients will receive the support and treatment they need throughout these various transitions. The longer care will offer them more practice with their new coping mechanisms and more time to work with professionals to develop goals and a path forward.

There are several different types of long-term treatment. Patients might go through a treatment center that focuses on creating a holistic atmosphere to heal them physically, spiritually and psychologically. They will be able to participate in a variety of types of therapies at these types of treatment centers, such as music therapy. Other types of treatment might include wilderness therapy, which helps patients reconnect with the natural world and their own skills. Traditional therapies, such as CBT are also common.

The Importance of Long-Term Treatment in New Jersey

Patients in New Jersey still have a pressing need for the right long-term treatment facilities. Statistics indicate that an estimated 1,608,000 people over the age of 12 participated in binge drinking in the past month between 2012 and 2013. In 2010 an estimated 7.4 percent of the rehab admissions in the state were for long-term treatment. About 30 percent of the rehab admissions for patients in 2011 were also receiving treatment for alcohol abuse. These patients need the care that can come from a high-quality treatment facility.

There are a variety of long-term treatment options offered throughout New Jersey. Here are a few to help patients and their loved ones begin their search.

Ambrosia Treatment Center

The Ambrosia Treatment Center offers patients a complete rehab experience to help them recover from their substance abuse struggles. They will receive intensive treatment for up to 35 days and then ongoing treatment to help patients reintegrate with society while maintaining their sobriety. This continued treatment can be through daily outpatient treatment or living at a halfway house. The center also provides support for families of patients and alumni support.

There are a variety of long-term treatment options offered throughout New Jersey. Here are a few to help patients and their loved ones begin their search.

Discovery Institute

The Discovery Institute offers a Long-Term Residential Program for patients in a non-hospital setting. Patients are guided through an exploration of their damaging beliefs while learning how to improve their interactions with others and their beliefs about themselves. Patients attend meditation periods, group therapy, educational lectures and meet with personal therapists. There are also 12 step meetings offered every night to help further supplement the program.

Sunspire Health

The Sunspire Health program offers both residential and intensive outpatient programs. Patients are treated with a program that is abstinence based and has been developed and tested through evidence and experience. This includes both individual and group counseling sessions. The duration of the programs are determined by the initial evaluations when patients arrive at the center. Once patients leave these programs, they can also receive help through the alumni program, which provides patients with additional support even after they have finished treatment.

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