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Abusing alcohol harms your physical health, your relationships with loved ones and your lifestyle situation. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 740,000 residents of New Hampshire binge drink in a one month period and rates of admission into a long-term treatment program are rising. SAMHSA states that nearly 60 percent of admissions into a treatment program in New Hampshire relate to alcohol abuse and addiction. By recognizing long-term treatment programs in the state, you have the tools to address your goals and start working on recovery.

Basics of Long-Term Treatment

The duration of treatment determines when a program offers long-term care. Generally, a long-term program offers solutions and treatment for 60 days or longer as needed by the individual. Most programs last for 60 to 90 days, but some facilities offer treatment for 6 to 12 months when necessary for the health and well-being of the individual.

Outpatient and residential programs are both considered long-term when they offer treatment for at least 60 days. The outpatient programs differ from residential options because it provides more flexibility in relation to your personal obligations and work, but it also does not provide the same highly structured environment as a residential program. An inpatient program provides greater structure, but it requires the individual to stay in the facility for the duration of treatment or for a set portion of their treatment.

Advantages of the Programs

The advantage of entering a long-term program ultimately depend on your situation. A long-term facility helps when you have relapsed on alcohol in the past or you have complications associated with alcohol abuse to address. For example, a long-term program helps when you need treatment for co-occurring disorders or trauma as well as the alcohol abuse.

While the specific details and benefits depend on your needs and situation, certain factors benefit most individuals in the long-term program. Key advantages of the treatment programs include:

  • Long-term focus on recovery
  • Learning valuable skills to avoid alcohol after completing the treatment program
  • Giving the body time to heal and recover after alcohol abuse
  • Improving recovery results
  • Building a support network
  • Rebuilding relationships with loved ones
  • Addressing the underlying causes of alcohol abuse, including co-occurring disorders, trauma or physical ailments
  • Developing healthy habits and alternative behaviors for stress management, pain management or other complications

Alcohol abuse stems from multiple factors and situations in your life. When you abuse alcohol, it does not only relate to the physical aspects of the abuse and addiction. By working with professionals in a long-term program, you address the underlying causes of substance abuse and improve your lifestyle.

Facilities in New Hampshire

New Hampshire offers a variety of long-term treatment programs for alcohol abuse and mental health disorders. The appropriate program for your goals and situation varies, but having options available helps you identify your needs and focus on your goals.

The Community Action Tri-County CAP offers different long-term programs for alcohol abuse and recovery. The Fellowship House provides residential and outpatient care based on the needs of the individual and their specific goals. The duration of treatment varies between individuals based on the initial assessment and the continuing assessments of their situation, but most individuals transition from residential care into an outpatient program and transitional living environment for long-term care.

The Phoenix House offers treatment in New Hampshire as a residential program. The duration of treatment depends on the needs of an individual and their progress in the treatment program, so it does offer long-term residential care when necessary for alcohol recovery. The facility takes a holistic or comprehensive approach to recovery and uses different tools to address underlying causes of addiction.

The Granite House is a gender-specific residential program for men. It offers long-term treatment in various phases and the program lasts as long as necessary for men to get through the 3 initial phases of treatment and then transition into the outpatient and monitoring program.

Comparing Your Options

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!Treating substance abuse and alcohol addiction depends on the situation and your goals. In New Hampshire, you have several programs available to help with long-term recovery. To compare your treatment options or learn more about local programs, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today.

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