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Abusing alcohol impacts personal lifestyle and health in unexpected ways. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, roughly 40 percent of admission into a treatment program in Nevada relates to alcohol abuse. While Nevada does show a downward trend in admission rates, according to SAMHSA, a large portion of the overall admissions into treatment programs still relate to alcohol abuse throughout the state. More than 1 million residents of the state report alcohol use in a one month period, says SAMHSA, and more than 28,000 teenagers report using alcohol. By understanding the treatment options available for alcohol addiction, individuals address their concerns.

Basics of a Long-Term Treatment Program

A long-term treatment program refers to any facility offering more than a basic 28 to 35 day treatment plan. While it usually refers to inpatient or residential treatment programs, it can also refer to an outpatient program with a long-term approach to recovery and healing. An inpatient program means the individual stays in the facility and works on recovery without any access to external influences. An outpatient program means the individual continues their normal lifestyle and manages personal obligations, but they come to the facility for a certain amount of treatment throughout the week.

In most cases, the programs last for 60 to 90 days. Some facilities offer up to 120 days when necessary for the individual and their specific health or concerns. Depending on the facility, the specific approach and specialization of the treatment plan varies. In general, the programs use a combination of traditional treatments like counseling and group therapy, with modern treatments like cognitive therapy or behavior modification.

Advantages of Long-Term Facilities

The specific advantages for any individual in a treatment program vary based on their needs; however, a long-term program does offer key benefits when compared to other treatment programs and options.

Common benefits associated with long-term treatment include:

  • Greater focus on changing personal habits or behaviors, particularly in relation to alcohol abuse
  • Long-term solutions for the problem
  • Identifying and treating underlying complications, like trauma or co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Longer time periods to address health concerns or addiction
  • Learning useful and beneficial skills for long-term health
  • Developing strong relations with others in treatment and developing a healthy support network
  • Working on personal relationships with loved ones

Since the program provides more time to work on recovery and lifestyle changes, it allows individuals to focus on accomplishing their goals and avoiding alcohol. It also provides a longer period without access to alcohol, which allows individuals to learn healthier ways to handle potential complications, stress or problems in their current situation.

Programs in Nevada

Treatment programs in Nevada depend on the needs of the individual and their specific goals. By selecting a treatment facility with a long-term program, individuals have tools available to address their needs and start working on their long-term recovery goals.

Vitality Unlimited takes an individual approach to healing and offers long-term treatment options when individuals need long-term care. Since it offers different programs for women, men and adolescents, the treatment facilities provide gender-specific and age-specific treatment solutions. The facility uses different tools based on the underlying factors contributing to addiction and offers treatments for co-occurring disorders.

WestCare Nevada offers treatment for substance abuse and alcohol addiction based on the needs of the individual. Since the facility offers different programs and personalized treatment plans, the specific length of a treatment program varies. The facility does offer long-term treatment options and separates treatment facilities into adolescents, men and women for appropriate solutions based on age and gender.

Desert Hope is a long-term treatment facility with a focus on the needs of individuals. It offers solutions for co-occurring disorders and recognizes that each individual has specific needs and goals. As a result, a treatment plan takes a personalized approach. The facility offers a medically supervised detox service to start a treatment plan without any alcohol in an individual’s system.

Selecting a Treatment Program

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!The best treatment facility for personal goals depends on the situation and the needs of the person. Generally, a long-term program allows individuals to address the problems causing alcohol abuse and start working on realistic solutions for a healthy future. Contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net to compare long-term treatment programs in Nevada.

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