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Missouri’s nickname “The Show Me State” refers jokingly both to its residents’ stubbornness and to their common-sense attitude toward life. But, sadly and truthfully, few things are more stubborn than a deeply-ingrained alcohol addiction — and common sense dictates that the only way overcome a serious alcohol problem is through serious treatment. If you’ve been in and out of brief rehab stints in the past without success, maybe the only strategy that makes sense for you at this point is long-term rehab.

The Case for Long-term Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol addiction is usually a slow, insidious progression rather than an immediate crisis. Many people spend years as recreational drinkers before moving into increasing levels of dependency on this drug. Addiction reaches the crisis point when you realize that your entire life revolves around your next drink, even at the expense of your family and health. Unfortunately, by this point alcohol consumption has become not only a drug habit but a personal behavioral habit, making it doubly hard to break. In these cases, long-term treatment is a wiser choice than short-term treatment, which is most effective for relatively new (or less severe) cases of addiction.

Understanding Your Options

You can find long-term alcohol treatment programs that work with people on an outpatient basis as well as inpatient or residential programs. Outpatient programs are the solution of choice for people who can’t take a leave of absence from work or ignore other pressing daily obligations. On the other hand, inpatient long-term care is preferable for people whose daily lives include influences or circumstances that might jeopardize their progress. Whether you go outpatient or inpatient, you’ll find programs ranging from 60 days all the way up to 180 days in some facilities. Sober living or extended care may also be available for helping you transition from fresh recovery into a solid new lifestyle.

The sheer variety of long-term alcohol treatment offerings may surprise you. for example, scenic states like Missouri makes options such as outdoor, equine or wilderness recovery programs a very real option. Religious or spiritual individuals may also seek out faith-based treatment programs that bear this aspect of their inner lives in mind. There are programs aimed solely at adolescents, men or women, as well as programs that embrace alternative or holistic healing modalities.

Missouri’s Alcohol Problem: By the Numbers

In terms of per-capita primary alcohol admission rates, Missouri falls into the bracket of 307 to 530 residents per 100,000 aged 12 or older — placing it above the U.S. state average of 272 per 100,000. Perhaps even more revealing of Missouri’s collective alcohol problem is the fact that over 1.2 million residents aged 12 or older reported binge drinking in the past month. Not all binge drinkers become addicted to alcohol, but may who are addicted to alcohol are (or started as) binge drinkers.

Missouri Long-term Rehab Centers

Missouri offers long-term alcohol treatment programs at facilities in 15 cities throughout the state, making it easy for you to find a program that suits your preferences and location. Kansas City has 3 different facilities — including the Benilde Hall Program, which boasts a non-12 step long-term program for those who prefer a non-disease model for their treatment. Harris House Foundation in St. Louis provides 60-day, 90-day and 120-day residential and live-in treatment programs, as well as extended-stay programs of up to 6 months’ duration. Branson’s Larry Simmering Recovery Center also makes extended are available in the form of halfway houses and long-term reintegration programs. For teen, family counseling and coping-skills therapy, check out Preferred Family Healthcare Inc Jefferson City Adolescent CSTAR’s long-term alcohol treatment options.

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