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Alcohol abuse is an issue that kills 88,000 Americans every year. This problem can largely be prevented by teaching people how to watch for the warning signs of alcohol abuse and helping them to find treatment for alcohol use disorders. In the state of Massachusetts, people who suffer from alcohol addiction do not have to try to quit on their own. With help from a long-term treatment program, they can go through rehab and have a better chance at success.

Who Needs Long-Term Treatment?

There are a few reasons that you might consider long-term treatment for alcohol dependence. They include frequent bouts of binge drinking or heavy drinking, a long habit of alcohol abuse, and previous attempts to get treatment. People who conceive of addiction as a health condition requiring individualized treatment may find it easier to understand why certain people need long-term treatment. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends that everyone who enters into alcohol treatment plan to spend at least three months in treatment, even if it is not entirely done in an inpatient rehab setting.

In the United States, alcohol abuse is a known problem that leads many people to rehab each year. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration cites alcohol as the second-most-common reason that residents of Massachusetts are admitted to rehab. Heroin is technically first, but both have about the same rate. In particular, binge drinking can be a behavior with serious consequences. Binge drinking includes drinking 4-5 drinks a day or more. About 1.47 million Massachusetts residents engaged in binge drinking in the past month.

What is Long-Term Treatment Like?

Long-term treatment for an alcohol use disorder takes many different forms. Chances are that you will not spend most of your time in a rehab facility. The good news is that your needs carry a lot of weight in determining the program that is right for you. There are long-term treatment systems that have you living in an extended-stay facility for several months, and moving to a sober living facility before you return to your life. There are also long-term treatment programs that are either partially or completely outpatient.

Since most people in treatment will have part, most or all of their treatment as outpatient, there are a variety of approaches to outpatient therapy. For example, you might opt for an intensive outpatient program that has you working hard on your recovery in a clinic during the day, but returning to your home at night. About 7.4 percent of Massachusetts residents who start treatment are admitted to a long-term inpatient rehab facility. By comparison, 28 percent of them will complete a program that is entirely outpatient.

Where are Long-Term Treatment Centers in Massachusetts?

Even though the road to recovery is a process with many different stages, you still want to know that the organization providing your treatment is there to support you for the long-term. There are many institutions in Massachusetts providing long-term treatment options for you, all over the state. You can select from programs that work within the well-known 12-step framework, or those that take special focus on wilderness, exercise, art therapy and more. The Boston Rescue Mission offers comprehensive treatment designed to address virtually any treatment needs. This includes partial hospitalization, long-term inpatient treatment, halfway houses and reintegration programs. Hope House, also in Boston, runs a variety of outpatient treatment approaches along with extended-stay treatment facilities, to give patients maximum variety in program options. In New Bedford, Harmony House focuses on inpatient care, with short and long-term programs, as well as sober living facilities for transition. The Phoenix Houses of New England in Springfield specializes in long-term inpatient care for alcohol addiction.

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