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Few parts of the U.S. offer more charm and cultural interest than the “Pelican State” of Louisiana, from its French and Creole influences to its vibrant music scene. But if you’re suffering from the agony of severe and/or longstanding alcohol addiction, then you may have lost all ability to participate in that world on your own terms. Fortunately, a long-term alcohol treatment program can help you master the even the most stubborn addiction.

When It’s Time to Go Long-term

Why choose long-term rehab over short-term rehab? Short-term rehab is a very effective means of nipping a recent or moderate alcohol abuse problem in the bud. Unfortunately, many addiction problems are more severe than that, and they can go on for decades until they become deeply ingrained in the sufferer’s way of life. If you have already passed through the spectrum or recreational abuse and dependence to viewing alcohol as the primary influence in your life, you most likely need extended treatment period to help undo old learned behaviors and help you successfully take up new ones in their place. You may already know this first-hand if previous short-term treatments have failed to resolve your issues.

What to Expect from Long-term Treatment

Long-term alcohol rehab can be in inpatient or outpatient process, depending on which approach will best suit your needs. Outpatient therapy keeps you in touch with the world around you, while inpatient therapy intentionally isolates from environments or circumstances that might trigger a relapse. Either kind of long-term treatment will emphasize a predictable daily structure for your meals, sleep hours, counseling, and other activities so you can focus on the task at hand. Long-term treatment usually takes at least 60 days and can extend up to 180 days, giving you plenty of time to adapt to a clean and sober perspective and lifestyle.

But even with all this regulation, you’ll find that many facilities provide a surprisingly wide range of treatment options and strategies. there are programs for men or women only, teen/adolescent programs, treatment plans involving holistic and alternative medical approaches, and programs tailored to religious and spiritual belief systems.

Louisiana’s Alcohol Issues

Louisiana’s incidence of per-capita primary admissions for alcohol treatment is under the 307 per 100,000, which puts it more or less on track with the state average of 272 per 100,000. But drinking is part of the state’s freewheeling image, and this reflected in the fact that 955,000 Louisiana residents aged 12 and older reported binge drinking the past month alone. 9.9 percent of all substance-related rehab admissions were for long-term treatment — so if this is the kind of help you need, you’re certainly not alone!

Long-term Rehab Centers in Louisiana

Louisiana has long-term alcohol treatment programs at facilities in 20 different cities, so you should be able to find one within your general area. Four of them are located in Baton Rouge; one fine example is O’Brien House, which provides not only residential and live-in long-term treatment but also extended-stay alcohol treatment programs to help you reinforce your new post-rehab skills. Bridge House Inc in New Orleans offers its long-term alcohol treatment in a “non 12-step” format implementing a non-disease model for those who don’t want a 12-step approach. If your teen is the one who needs long-term treatment, consider the Cenla Chemical Dependency Council Gateway Adolescent Unit in Pineville, which also provides extended-stay programs of 3 to 6 months.

You Can Love Your Louisiana Life Again

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!The proper high-quality care delivered over the appropriate span of time can make all the difference between attempting to give up alcohol and really giving it up for good. If you want to discover what long-term alcohol treatment can do for you, contact AlcoholTreatment.net to get the information and assistance you need. Louisiana is a wonderful state to live in — so take the necessary steps to reclaim that life for yourself!

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