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There are many factors that can contribute to a person’s addiction. Studies have shown that genetic factors can influence a person’s ability to become addicted, or can impact the severity of an individual’s addiction. Mental health also can play a significant role, as some people who are afflicted with depression or anxiety self-medicate with alcohol and become dependent on the drug. In other cases, lifestyle choices can result in addiction. Binge drinking is one choice that can lead a person down the path to addiction. In Illinois, about 2.8 million people over the age of 12 admitted to binge drinking at least once during a 30-day period in 2012 and 2013. Binge drinking is one example of a poor choice that can result in addiction, and many people who are suffering from addiction will want to consider long-term treatment for themselves.

Long-Term Treatment Programs

Long-term treatment is highly recommended by experts, as studies have shown that this form of alcohol treatment is most effective. Long-term treatment is available at both inpatient and outpatient rehab centers. Typically, programs last for more than 30 days, and can continue for as long as a year. Patients can select a program length that works best for them.

At a residential treatment center, patients who enroll in long-term programs will work with medical professionals, certified counselors and recovery specialists. They are required to adhere to a strict schedule, which provides them with the consistency they need as they adapt to their new, healthy lifestyle.

At an outpatient counseling facility, patients will begin a program that requires them to attend private sessions and group meetings for an extended period of time. This gives them the time they need to uncover the cause of their addiction, and to rely on the support and help of others on their recovery journey. It is ideal for patients to receive continued support after they have completed their initial treatment, and many people continue going to group meetings for years after they achieve sobriety.

Patients also can choose from alternative treatment programs. Faith-based programs, for instance, incorporate spiritual healing into the recovery process. Prayer, scripture and meetings with religious clergy members are often a part of the treatment plan.

Addiction in Illinois

Throughout Illinois, people are admitted to substance abuse treatment centers for a variety of addiction disorders. While the number of people admitted for heroin addiction is on the rise in the state, the majority of people who are admitted to treatment centers in Illinois are hoping to recover from an addiction to alcohol. In 2011, about 35 percent of those admitted were seeking treatment for alcohol addiction. In 2010, more than 62,000 people were admitted to substance abuse treatment centers in the state, and just 1.8 percent of those people chose long-term programs. This highlights the need to reinforce the benefits of extended treatment, as this is the most effective way to completely recover from an addiction to alcohol.

Illinois Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Centers

Illinois is home to many long-term alcohol treatment centers. Gateway Foundation Inc. is a long-term treatment program based out of Aurora. It offers inpatient treatment programs that last for 3-6 months, and outpatient counseling that includes alcohol sponsorship, group meetings and individual therapy sessions. Alexian Brothers Bonaventure House is located in Chicago, and it specializes in long-term treatment. In addition to offering holistic treatment options, this facility also has aftercare living facilities for those who need extra support after they complete their treatment. In Peoria, the Human Service Center on Richard Pryor Place provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Its programs last for 3-6 months, and holistic care is available for those who are interested.

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